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Reese Hitch Covers - OEM - RP86532 Review

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Review of Reese Hitch Covers RP86532

Today were going to review part number RP86532. This is the Reese Ford LED lighted trailer hitch cover. Its designed for inch and quarter and two inch hitches. It is black in color. Now, this is an officially licensed LED lighted Ford logo hitch cover that will add a stylish touch to your vehicle. Basically, the light up Ford emblem will activate when running lights or on.

It will brighten when the brake pedal is pressed. Basically what happens is when you turn on your vehicles taillights or activate the breaks, this covers unique metallic coating appears transparent and has bright red LEDs that will shine through it.The long-lasting LEDs have two intensity levels. The red lights remain set at low a illumination when your vehicles taillights on, and then when you activate your breaks or turn on hazard lights, the LEDs will burn brighter to draw attention to your vehicle. This hitch cover will not flash when you turn signals are activated. Again, the red LEDs are long-lasting and energy efficient.

This hitch cover, as you can see here, I have the two inch adapter to put on to it. This will slide into your hitch receiver, keeps out any dirt and grime. It includes all the mounting brackets, foam gaskets and the hardware, which are included for both the inch and a quarter and two inch receivers too. As you can see, I have mounted the two inch adapter on there, and you can see the wiring goes through a hole in there. Basically, you can see the wiring harness will plug into your vehicles existing four pole trailer connector.

It comes with these foam gaskets, just take them apart. This one again is for the two inch, like we have on there now. You just slide this on there and then slide this into your hitch, as the two holes that align up with your hitch pin or hitch lock. Now, the hitch pin and clip and the hitch lock, we do sell separately. They are not included.

This is made of a durable plastic, which is corrosion resistant. With the foam gasket on there, you can see this will ensure a nice snug rattle-free fit.Now, the application on this again, as this will fit inch and quarter and two inch trailer hitch receivers. Just want to give you quick measurement on the size of this cover. The width on it is right at seven inches and the height on it is right at two and three-quarter inches tall. NowWhat Im going to do is, I have a 12 volt power supply here. Im going to plug it into to give you an idea of how they light up. What we are going to do is go ahead and turn off the overhead lights. I got it plugged into my 12 volt power supply. Ill go ahead and turn it on, like if you turn your taillights on, and there you can see the Ford will light up. The red LEDs light up and shine through. When you hit your breaks or your hazard flashers, you can see that it gets even brighter.I'll go ahead and unplug it, turn on the overhead lights. It does come with all these pieces here. This is the two piece bracket that if youre going to install this on an inch and quarter receiver, youll just put this together, and on the back here where I have the two inch one, you basically would just unscrew it and you slide the gasket off. This is two piece thing also thats screwed on.Youll just take this off, put these two pieces together, and then those will just bolt on using the existing screws the same way. Once thats on, then you would use this gasket instead, and this would give you your seal on your inch and a quarter hitch. Its as simple as that.That should do it for the review on part number RP86532. This is the Reese Ford LED lighted trailer hitch cover for inch and quarter and two inch hitches and theyre black in color. .

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