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Reese Hitch Covers - OEM - 86061 Review

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Review of Reese Hitch Covers 86061

Today, we are going to review part number 86061. This is the Reese GMC LED Brake and Tail Light Trailer Hitch Cover for 1-1/4 and 2-inch hitches. This is an officially licensed 3D GMC logo, which will add a stylish touch to your vehicle. It does use red LEDs which will light up to give your vehicle some flash and make it more visible, as well as to alert other drivers to slow down or stop when you do. When plugged in to your four-way, it will have a low illumination while using your tail lights and then a brighter, higher illumination when you break or engage the hazard lights. It does use energy efficient LEDs which are long lasting.

The hitch cover does have an adapter which a foam gasket which will help protect your vehicles hitch receiver from water and dirt. It is made of a corrosion resistant plastic with a metallic coating that becomes transparent when the lights are activated. Now, this part comes with a 1-1/4-inch adapter that would bolt on and the gasket for that, and it also comes with the 2-inch, which Ive already attached to the hitch cover and the mounting hardware and the gasket right here. I am going to give you a measurement on the face of this. The overall width is 6 inches.

The overall height is 3-1/4 inches. It is a simple installation. Basically, I have a 2-inch receiver here to give you an idea. You have your holes here which will use a pin and clip or a hitch lock, either one would be sold separately. You would just slide this into the hitch.

Line up the holes with the hole in the hitch. Put your pin through and attach it, and then with the four-way, you can plug in. I have a four-way power supply here that Im going to show you the brightness of the light. You just plug it in and as you can see, that would be the hitch cover with the tail lights on, and when you apply your breaks or your hazard lights, it would be even brighter. Now, Im going to turn off the overhead lights to give you an idea of what this would look like with the lights out or in the dark.

That would be it with the tail lights on and then when you apply your breaks or hazard lights, it would even be a higher illumination. This part does come with a 90-day warranty. That should do it for part number 86061.

Denni R.


I just got mine and got installed, i just noticed, i turned on the engine and the hitch low lights is on and when i hit the brakes it got brighter and the low light is gone after i hit the break, is that normal? I thought it suppose to be in low light after u used the break.

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


I honestly have no idea off the top of my head. You might want to check out your owner's manual to see if it says anything in there about this. That or maybe someone else who has experienced this same thing can comment to address this directly?

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