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Redline Trailer Fenders - No Step - F7X28-1RBS Review

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Review of Redline Trailer Fenders F7X28-1RBS

Today we'll be reviewing part number F7X28-1RBS. This is the Redline Single Axle Trailer Fender for 13 to 14 inch Wheels. This part number is going to include one fender. Now, to get this mounted on to your trailer, it is a weld-on application because it's made from a steel construction so it definitely can be welded on. You can also purchase a mounting brackets. Those are found on our website, usually in a form of L-shaped bracket. If you choose to use a bolt-on install, then some modification to the fender, like drilling some holes, will need to be made since this does not have any pre-drilled mounting holes. Just keep in mind that your mounting choice is going to be determined based on what will fit your trailer best.

You can also choose to use some self-tapping screws along the inseam here. Again, that's going to depend on your style of trailer. When joining two pieces, since both edges are curved, they have a nice 1 inch radius lip on each side. We do not have a flat edge for that flat flush weld that we need. When joining two pieces, it never hurts to use some Loctite Sealant that can be found on our website with part number L0150811 and that's just some Loctite Urethane Sealant that's going to provide a waterproof seal between two joined parts. In this application, that will work well with that curved edge and that will fill that gap along the seam of your trailer where these two would meet. This can be used on either the left or right hand side of your trailer.

Again, it is designed to be used with a single axle trailer with 13 to 14 inch diameter wheels. It's made from a 16-gauge steel construction. It's going to give us an overall length of 28 inches, an overall height of 10 inches, and an overall width of, right at 7 inches. That's going to do it for today's review of part number FX28-1RBS. This is the Redline Single Axle Trailer Fender for 13 to 14 inch wheels.


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