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Redline Trailer Brakes BP04-150 Review

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Review of Redline Accessories and Parts BP04-150

Today we're going to review the twelve inch by two inch Electric Trailer Brake Shoes and Lining for 6,000 and 7,000 pound axles. This part is for one wheel. These brake shoes and linings are for electric trailer brakes for most 6,000 and 7,000 pound axles. These will fit the Dexter, the Fayette, and the Forman twelve inch by two inch electric brakes. This part includes everything shown here on the table. Includes the primary shoe, secondary shoe, the two hold down springs with the pins for attaching them to your brake assembly. The primary show will be the one with the smaller pad that'll always face the toward the front of the trailer and the secondary shoe would be the larger or longer pad and that'll be on the rear.

When these are installed the smaller one will face towards the front of the trailer and the larger one will be towards the rear. These parts are certified for SAE standards and CSA standards which are the Canadian standards. When we measure these they're designated as twelve inch by two inch. When you do measure them after these are installed on your brake assembly, the twelve inch will be the diameter if you measure across. Once these are installed you can put .. or if you want to determine what size assembly you have, is measure the ones that are on there and if you measure edge to edge the diameter, it would show twelve inches.

Then the two inches would be the width of the brake pad itself. You can see, right at two inches. These shoes and linings are designed to be used with twelve inch drums. That should do it for the review of the twelve inch by two inch Electric Trailer Brake Shoe and Lining for 6,000 and 7,000 pound axles and this is for one wheel.

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