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Review of Quick Fist Accessories and Parts QF90010

Instructor: Today we're taking a look at the Quick Fist Clamp Kit. This clamp kit has four original clamps, two mini's, and two super clamps to let you transport and organize tools and equipment. The clamps mount horizontally, or vertically to your vehicle, trailer, garage wall, or any flat surface. These are very versatile, they're extremely heavy duty, and it's a very quick and easy installation. Mounting hardware's not included. On the mini's, you can put a piece of hardware through the center, or you can use the four corner holes on the originals.

You got one mount hole located right there in the center. And then on the supers, you have three mount holes here on the mounting pad.Overall, a really nice design. We're looking at heavy duty transportation grade rubber. It's unaffected by climate, it's UV resistant. The original clamps, which are the four here in the center, they come with these spacers right here, which are designed to fit right in this gap, and directly over the mount hole.

And they got the mount hole in the space here that lines up with the mount hole in the pad. And what that does is that just offers protection, since that uses one mount hole. That offers protection to the unit, between the hardware and the actual clamp.Products made in the USA, when it comes to the objects that will fit in the clamps, when we're talking about the mini's right here, this will accept objects anywhere from five eights of an inch, to one and three-eighths of an inch in diameter. So you place your object in here, and then you bring the strap around, and you just clamp it for a nice, tight, secure fit. The originals, which are these here, these will fit objects from one inch to two and one quarter inches in diameter.

And it operates the same way. And then the supers are designed to hold objects ranging from two and a half inches, to nine and a half inches in diameter.Now when it comes to the safe working loads in mini's, 25 pounds per clamp. The original is 25 pounds per clamp, and the super is 50 pounds per clamp. The mini measures side to side going this direction, an inch and a half by one and 13-16ths of an inch. And the depth is around two inches.

The original measures seven-eighths of an inch wide by two and a quarter. Or excuse me, two and three quarter. And then the depth there is about two and a half inches. And then on the super, seven-eighths by six. Please note that the quick fist clamps are not to be used on exhaust pipes, or any pipe that consistently exceeds the temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. That's going to do it for today's look at the Quick Fist Clamp Kit.

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