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Putco Vehicle Lights - Replacement Bulbs - PF1-H11 Review

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Review of Putco Vehicle Lights PF1-H11

Today we're gonna take a look at the Putco F-1 Series LED Headlight Bulbs. These are gonna work for H8, H9, H11 and H16 type 2 bulbs and they come in white with a quantity of two.So, here you'll see both of our lights, this is how they're going to come out whenever you get them out of the box. These headlight bulbs are going to have COB LEDs and they're gonna offer three thousand lumens of cool, white light. They have this flexible aluminum material on the sides, that's to help dissipate the heat and help the longevity of that bulb overall. As you can see they're nice thin blades and these are gonna be really malleable, you'll be able to adjust those as needed inside your headlight housing.Those high power LEDs are gonna be SO LEDs which are gonna provide brighter, longer lasting lights than your halogen bulbs and they're also going to have increased brightness. So, it's gonna give you better, brighter light and increase that visibility as well.

Now these are gonna have, again, COB or Chip On Board LED technology to create that solid panel of light. Inside there we're gonna have four small LEDs on each side and those LEDs are mounted very close together on that small surface so it's gonna create a uniform light with high intensity. Sort of similar to a lighting panel.You can also adjust the collar of that light to adjust the angle so inside the housing you'll just turn the collar and that'll allow you to adjust the angle. In order to adjust the light housing separate from those fins, there is a very small bolt on the collar there and they include the very small hex head wrench or Allen wrench to undo that. So, you just loosen that up and that will allow you to adjust that little collar, there we go.

Sometimes it helps to put it in that position there to get a little better leverage on it, it is a very small wrench so you don't wanna bend it. But that'll allow that housing to turn so you can make that adjustment as needed.Overall this is going to be a really durable setup. It has those fins to help dissipate the heat and that's also a nice improvement over a noisy fan to cool this down. Instead you just have these fins to dissipate that heat outward and keep the light for a long time. This does have an IP65 rating so it's going to be well protected from shock, dust and water.

The cool white color is also going to be very typical for our headlights and it's gonna promote driver awareness. Now these just have a simple plug in design, so you can see we have our two prongs on the inside that will plug right into our existing headlights. There's also this small component here that you can mount up with the provided double stick foam tape to keep that from knocking around and causing any damage.Now again, this does come with two bulbs and it's going to be for bulb type H8, H9, H11, H16 type 2. We're going to have 1500 lumens per bulb, this is going to have a wattage of 25 watts and that color temperature is going to be 6,500 Kelvin or 6500 Kelvin. Overall, our housing is going to be about eight inches wide whenever those fins are completely spread out but again, those are going to fold up more compactly whenever you have this installed.

So it's just going to depend on your housing and how that fits. The length is going to be about three inches from the back of that cooling fin to the top of the bulb. The wiring itself is going to measure about 10 inches to center of that plug.And that's gonna do it for a look at the Putco F-1 Series LED Headlight Bulbs.

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