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Review of Putco Off Road Lights P10055

Today were going to review part number P10055 the is the Putco high powered 48 LED Luminix curved off road light bar 144 watts in a 15 degree spot pattern. This part number does include everything showing here on the table. The light bar itself, the wiring harness comes with 2 types of mounting brackets both long and short adjustable mounting brackets. The installation hardware is actually already on the end of the light bar itself comes with a nice set of instructions. Now as you can see as I hold it up its a low curved low profile LED light bar delivers a bright focus light.The inaudible 00:00:36 pattern it gives off is a 15 degree spot beam and its created by these chrome back focus lenses. It is a very slim design light bar.

Lets you install this light bar in very tight spaces and again the curve as you can see to it its a 6 degree curve gives you about an inch and a half off set radius will match the curve of your vehicle. The curve bar will also spread the light out for a more peripheral lighting. It is a high quality light output from a single row of 48 3 watt Nichia LEDs. The qualities are quality LEDs with a 50,000 hour life span. Now this light bar can be turned on and off with the wireless remote also.

We do sell that separately on our website. Its part number P8770F that is sold separately.It does have some built in safeguards in it. Uses thermal control chips to help prevent the LEDs from overheating, uses over and under voltage protection which will keep the light bar operating at the correct voltage. It is a durable waterproof corrosion resistant construction. As you can see the housing is a black anodized billet aluminum housing which is very lightweight and rustproof.

The mounting brackets that are included, the 2 different sizes long and short they are a black power coat stainless steel bracket helps resist corrosion and the LEDs and the light bar are fully potted to protect the fragile components of the LEDs and also has industry standard protection against dust and moisture.Its a very easy installation with these included parts. This light can mount on your roof, behind your grill, on your bumper. Its gives you a nice rugged look. The 2 sets of adjustable mounting brackets tall and short are all included. Basically they would just install at the very end.

Again, the hardware you just unscrew this nut with the rubber cap on it. Put your bracket on there, tighten it down into position you like and then mount it to the vehicle wherever you like. We also sell custom mounting brackets. Its actually on this product page as related products. These custom mounting brackets are sold separately.Does have this wiring harness which is included. One end of it has these 3 wires to hook this illuminated switch to it which is included. The other end has this industry standard Deutsch connector. Whats nice about the Deutsch connector uses the triple seal to give you a weather proof connection. When you go to plug this in to your light bar you see its very snug and you push it in. It pops and locks into place. Gives you a nice weather proof seal. To release it just push down on the tab and pull it out. The other wire gives you the power wire with an inline fuse holder. Red wires to the power. The black wire is to the ground.Were going to hook this up in a minute just to show you how it operates. This part is made in the USA specs on this again is 48 LEDs. There are 3 watts per LED so a total of 144 watts. A power draw is 12 amps. Input voltage is 12 volts of 36 volts DC. The operating temperature range of this light bar is minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and it has a limited 2 year warranty. The light output 19,200 lumens on this light bar. Again, the beam it gives is a narrow 15 degree spot. The color temperature of the light that it puts out is 6000 degrees Kelvin and the length on this bar is about 15 inches long about 1 inches tall and about inch deep.Now what Im going to do is Im going to hook this up to a 12 volt power supply to show you how bright the lights are and try to shine a pattern on the back wall to give you an idea of the pattern. First what were going to do is lets do our Deutsch connector. Go ahead and push that in. Tell you what were going to do lets run it underneath so that it doesnt get in the way. Push that and thats all connected. Over here you got your illuminated switch. Theres actually 3 tabs on here that will plug in to these wires. You have a red, blue and a black and your direction which will tell you but basically what you do is look on the back of your number 1, 2, and 3.So 1 would get the red so well go ahead and push that on. Blue goes to the middle or the number 2 connection and then push that one on. The last one is the black and that goes on in number 3. Go ahead and push that on. Got your switch hooked up and then your last one is your inline fuse holder. What Im going to do first and it does come with the fuse but what Im going to do is make sure its in there, has a 15 amp fuse installed. Then well take our wire and again well take our red which is going to be our power. Hook that up to the 12 volt supply and then well take the black which is going to be the ground. Well hook that up. Got the connections.What Im going to do is turn on the 12 volt power supply. Weve got the 12 volt cross 00:05:28 bar well go ahead and turn off our overhead lights. Now what Im going to do is were going to do right here, well push our switch and you can switch is illuminated. See the red dot right there thats a rocker switch. Push it for off. Push it for on and then you could see a very bright 144 watt light bar and it is curved. Again what Im going to try to do here, make sure we dont get any grounding. Were going to turn this light bar all the way around Im going to just try to give you an idea of the pattern. Its a very long light bar but itll still give you an idea. Theres your pattern on the wall.You can see its a narrow 15 degree spot pattern. Well go ahead and turn this back around. Im going to shine it at the camera very bright light. Weve got our switch here. Well go ahead and turn that off and then turn back on our overhead lights. Well turn off our 12 volt power. That should do it for the review on part number P10055. This is the Putco high power 48 LED Luminix curved off road light bar 144 watts in a 15 degree spot pattern. .

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