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Review of Prostrobe Vehicle Lights - Emergency Light - Accent Light - PRS70780

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Prostrobe Vehicle Lights - Emergency Light - Accent Light - PRS70780 Review

Today, we're going to take a look at the Prostrobe Spotstrobz 4 Universal Warning Lights. Now, these are four circular strobe lights that'll emit clear, white light from the small, compact housings. The housings are made of a CNC aluminum construction, and they do use LED lights. These will mount on front, rear, or sides of your vehicle for maximum visibility using the 3M adhesive backing that's on the back of them, or you can even use the included mounting hardware if you want to install them with the screws. It does give you a total length of wire from the control box to each set of lights is about 13 feet. Now these lights, they do offer 12 different flash patterns, features a last pattern recall, and a full-on courtesy light setting.To install this, it's a very easy two-wire install from the control box here.

Has about a 4'-length of wire here, red wire and a black wire. The red wire, you connect to your power, constant power, and the black wire go to a nice clean ground. The control box itself will mount using the included 3M adhesive backing that you can put on it, or same way, it does have two holes here if you want to use screws to attach it down.Now, it is a wireless operation. In other words, once you get your control box all installed and your lights installed, this wireless remote control is included, and you just plug that into any 12 or 24 volt outlet. It gives you about 100' wireless range.

Does have a fuse in it so it's safe fuse technology to protect your vehicle. If you notice on the very bottom, it does also offer a quick power 1 amp USB outlet to power any other devices. As I mentioned, it is 12 and 24-volt compatible. Does offer a last pattern memory recall. We mentioned the full-on courtesy light feature, and all these parts are IP65 rated, dustproof and waterproof for durability and longevity.

It includes everything here on the table. Nice set of detailed instructions.What I am going to do here is we're going to hook this up to some 12 volt power. I just want to show you some of the patterns and how it operates. If you notice on the lights themselves, you can disconnect them. You can pull the plug out, and the lights will come off, and then you just go to plug it back in.

It does the same on this side.What I'm going to do now is we're going to take our wireless remote. Actually, let's first hook up our control box power, the two wires, the black. We'll go ahead and hook those up, and the red for the power. Once we got those all hooked up, that'll be supplying power to our control box, and then here's a 12-volt outlet. We can take our wireless remote. I'll go ahead and plug it in, and we've got the power on. If you'll notice. Let me just zoom in just a little bit here. Be able to see on here. If you just push this button right here, you can see once you push it, there's your lights are on. We'll go ahead and turn off the overhead lights, and you can see how bright the lights are, very bright LEDs, total of four of them.Then again, there's a M button, manual button, right in the middle here. If we push that once you can see it's changing to different patterns. Push it again, it'll change to another pattern. Again, let me go ahead and turn off the overhead lights. I'll push it another time. Again, as I mentioned, there's 12 different flash patterns it'll give you. Try to go through them and get back to the full-on feature. Here we go. There's your full on feature. Nope, that wasn't a full-on. You can see it still fading out. Push it one more time and one more time. That probably is the full-on feature. Yep. Then a button right here if you need to turn it off, just go ahead and turn it off. Again, you have your charger right down here.But that should do it for the review on the Prostrobe Spotstrobz 4 Universal Warning Lights..

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