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Review of Pro Series Weight Distribution 49585

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the pro series trunnion style weight distribution system. This is going to evenly distribute weight over the axles of the to via trailer for stability and control. Ultimately, it's going to create a more level ride for both the both the tow, vehicle, and your trailer. These are going to be your tapered trunnion style spring bars that are going to flex appropriately over uneven terrain for a controlled, even ride, and you can adjust the spring bar tension by switching the links in the lift chains to fine tune your system. When it comes to getting the desired tilt that you need for your application, that's going to be achieved with a serrated washer design. There's going to be teeth in these large washers on each side that line up with the teeth in the head assembly.

That's going to help you get the angle that you need for your application. Once you have that set, all you have to do is tighten the hardware to lock that position in place. It's also going to come with your clamp on brackets. These are going to clamp to the trailer frame with the included hardware, no drilling required. The bracket's secure in the engaged position using this clip right here. If you remove the clip, that allowed you to lower that to remove the chains, and then when you're engaging the system, that goes up, clip goes through and secures that in the engaged position.

These are going to fit trailer frame widths up to two and three quarters of an inch wide. The fabricated head is compatible with friction style sway control systems that can be located on either side of the head assembly. Friction sway control systems are sold separately if you're interested in something like that. You can check out some options here at The unit's going to be constructed of a steel construction. It's going to have a black powder coated finish on it.

It's going to do a great job at resisting rust and corrosion. It's also going to come with a snap up lever that eases installation by reducing the amount of lifting that's required by the trailer jack. What this does is it helps you get the proper leverage, so once you get your chains connected to the brackets, put this bar on there and it's going to help you get that into the engaged position. That's included. It's also going to come with your adjustable shank that's going to have a six-hole design. It allows for plenty of adjustability.

Your hitch bowl's not included. That will need to be provided separately. If you're interested in a hitch bowl or if you're in need of one, you can find them at The hole right here will accept an inch and a quarter diameter shank or a one inch diameter shank, but if you do a one inch diameter shank, you are going to have to use the reducer sleeve that's provided with the kit. It's also going to come with a shim. The shim can go between the adjustable shank and the head assembly, and then the hardware can pass through there. That's designed to take out any type of slack or gap that may happen. That's just going to vary from system to system and from application to application. This is going to offer a maximum tongue weight of 600 lbs. Maximum gross towing weight capacity is 10,000 lbs. It is designed for a two inch by two inch hitch that's rated for use with weight distribution systems. If you have the head assembly at the highest setting with the adjustable shank in the rise position, it's going to give you a maximum rise of six and a half inches. That's measured from the inside top edge of the receiver tube of your hitch to the top of the ball platform with the system as straight and level as possible. If you move this to the drop position, and the head assembly at the lowest setting, it's going to give you a maximum drop of about an inch and a quarter. There's going to be two pin hole locations here on the shank. You can use whatever one works best for your application. From the first pin hole to the center of the adjustment holes is going to be about nine and one quarter inches. From that rear pin hole to the center of the adjustment holes is going to be about ten and one quarter inches. Again, six-hole design here on the shank. Each hole's going to be separated from the other by an inch and a quarter. That's going to have an inch and a quarter incremental height adjustment for adjustability, and the unit's going to be covered with a ten-year limited warranty. That's going to do it for today's look at the pro series trunnion style weight distribution system.

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