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Pro Series Trailer Jack - Side Frame Mount Jack - PS1400850383 Review

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Review of Pro Series Trailer Jack PS1400850383

Today we're taking a look at the Pro Series side wind square jack with foot plate number PS1400850383. This is a drop leg jack that welds directly onto your application and offers superior side load strength for your agriculture or industrial needs. The square design provides additional support for side loading. It has a durable, long lasting, steel construction with a black paint finish on the outer tube and a zinc plate finish on the inner tube and the foot plate. The side wind handle has smooth ergonomic design for easy cranking and the drop leg increases the overall extension for maximum adjustability. It's really easy to maneuver.

You just pop that over, take this pin out, pull the pin out of here, and you can lift that up. As you can see you have different holes so you can choose the height that works for you. Very easy to put that back. Then you just lock that right back up. Taking a look at some of the specs again this is the fully retracted setting.

Looking at ta height of about 25 1/8th inches. We have another jack. It's the same model and it is fully extended as you can see here with the drop leg completely extended. The fully extended version is about 53 and 11/16th inches. The full extension of the drop leg is approximately 13 and 11/16th inches.

The lift which is the inner tube when it is at full extension is approximately 15 inches. The lift capacity is 5,000 pounds with a static capacity of 8,000 pounds. This product does come with a limited one year warranty. That should about do it for our Pro Series side wind square jack with foot plate number PS1400850383.

Baron R.


Can it help my 18 ft box trailer to be dock high when I do loads for different warehouse

Victoria B.


The Pro Series Trailer Jack is really more intended to lift the trailer in order to level it, not lift it to make it taller. I'm not sure how much additional height you need to get your box trailer to be dock height, but if it is more than leveling the trailer or tilting it up a bit in the back these jacks aren't a great solution.

Baron R.


@VictoriaB Ok thanks I just know some warehouses I go to ask do I have a jack to make it dock high I just don't know what type of jack they talking about