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Polk Boat Accessories - Electronics - PA4A Review

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Review of Polk Hunting and Fishing PA4A

Today we're gonna take a look at the Polk UltraMarine AM/FM Sirius XM-Ready Bluetooth and Weather Band Stereo. Now, this Polk stereo is designed with solid marine-grade construction to withstand the harsh marine environment. It is a modular design that includes this waterproof commander for the helm and this nice hideaway module. The commander portion features a detachable chrome ring right here for front mounting, has a nice silicone face cover that you can put over it to protect it, and it has a conformal coated circuit board. Now, this unit can be easily integrated with a boat's digital control panel for operation. As you can see, it's a low profile, flush-mount design with panel. Has the U-bracket fastening options, comes with the mounting hardware.

It is a dot matrix LCD with white color backlight, which is readable in direct sunlight. The AM/FM tuner has 18 FM, and 12 AM, and then 18 satellite presets. Does have the weather channel or the weather band. It's the NOAA seven-channel weather band. It does also accept a Bluetooth A2DP streaming audio.

It is iPod/iPhone ready via USB. Now, it is USB 2.0 for playing MP3 and WMA files. It is Sirius XM ready. Does have four equalizer presets, the front and rear channel RCA preamp outputs. It does have an auxiliary audio RCA input, and the maximum output power on this is 50 watts times four.

It comes with everything shown here. It comes with an extension cord, it comes with the cover we had mentioned, silicon cover that protects the face of it. A few dimensions on this. We're gonna measure the commander part of it and then the hideaway part of it. The commander part, the width is gonna be right at 5.5", the heights is gonna be right at 4", and the total depth is right about 1". Now, on the hideaway portion, that's gonna be let's do it this way be right at 6.75" wide by 7.125" deep, and right at 2" tall. That should do it for the review on the Polk Ultra Marine AM/FM Sirius XM-Ready Bluetooth Weather Band Stereo..