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Polar Hardware Enclosed Trailer Parts - Doors - PLR458-017 Review

Today we're gonna take a look at the three point Cam-Action lockable door latch kit for large enclosed trailers, and a zinc plated steel construction.Now, these are Cam-Action door latch, which is ideal for heavy duty side or rear doors on large trailers. They use the three anti-rack keepers right here with the long lugs that wrap tightly around the pipe to help prevent latch doors from jumping and shifting. This center keeper right here provides additional grip on the pipe itself.On the pipe retainers right here, you'll notice the bolt holes on these pipe retainers are on one side only so that you can mount the pipe here closer to the edge of the door.Now, the handle on this, it is a double action handle assembly. Ensures simple, secure latching. Helps protect against in transit jarring. What you basically do is flip this handle keeper that's on the half, the latch up, and then you just lift the handle to release it, and then rotate the handle to either to release or engage the cam.Also on the handle, if you notice it has a nice black vinyl grip on it.

Makes it very comfortable to use. The hasp itself, you can see right here, it's a bridge type hasp. Helps prevent accidental opening, ensures safe latching action, and if you notice, they have holes that'll line up here so it can be locked with a padlock for extra security. Now, padlocks we do sell separately on our website.All these parts are nice zinc plated steel construction, provide durability and corrosion resistance. Includes everything laid out here on the table.

We mentioned the three anti-rack keepers with the three anti-rack lugs, the two spacers right here, the three top pipe retainers. This is the top portion, and then three bottom pipe retainers. The handle assembly, and then the bridge type hasp right here. It's all included.Now, these are a simple bolt on installation. Now, it will require a three quarter inch diameter standard pipe and mounting hardware, which is not included, to install all these parts.

Handle length on it is about 14 inches.But that should do it for the review on the three point Cam-Action lockable door latch kit for large enclosed trailers and a zinc plated steel construction.

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