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Review of Phoenix USA Fender Skirts - Flexible Fender Flares - PX52-188

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Phoenix USA Fender Skirts - Flexible Fender Flares - PX52-188 Review

Today we're gonna take a quick look at the Phoenix USA Flexi Flares with wires and bolts. This is gonna be a universal fit. It will have rubber flares that are gonna measure 61 inches by two inches and it comes in a quantity of two. This is gonna be a great way to reduce any rocks or debris from kicking up underneath your vehicle, whether that's an RV or trailer or a truck and add a little extra protection to that vehicle.Basically it's just going to mount around your wheel well. The directions suggest taking off the wheel so you might need to jack up your vehicle, get it off the ground so you can remove that wheel and have unfettered access to your wheel well. Basically this flange here is going to be underneath that wheel well and will have a few pre-drilled holes in that flare.

If you can see them . it might be a little hard to tell on camera. So we can get our hardware more easily installed, we'll have those pre-drilled holes there.So this portion is what we're actually going to see outside the vehicle. We'll also get plenty of quarter inch self tapping screws to get those installed and you can either use an eighth of an inch drill bit to drill into your vehicle where you're gonna mount these or just use a variable speed drill to tap those directly into your vehicle through that flange.There's also gonna be some wire to help our flare retain its shape a little bit better. As you can see our rubber flares are pretty flexible so it's gonna mold itself around your wheel well.

You will want to sort of set this up in place first, get an idea of where you want it to be and then cut it to length. You don't want to just measure and cut it where you think it needs to be. You'll have to actually put it up in place at least at first to get an idea of how long it needs to be and then cut it to length.Again, we're gonna get two pieces of rubber. Those are both gonna measure 61 inches long and again, where they're actually going to show up past our vehicle is gonna be two inches wide. So that flare is gonna be about two inches.

In total it's gonna be about four inches wide.So you get everything you see here to get these installed and it is gonna be a universal fit so it's gonna fit a lot of different applications, again, whether that's your RV, trailer or truck. That's gonna do it for our quick look at the Phoenix USA Flexi Flares with wire and bolts, universal fit, in a quantity of two.

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