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Review of Phoenix USA Fender Skirts - Flexible Fender Flares - PX52-170

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Phoenix USA Fender Skirts - Flexible Fender Flares - PX52-170 Review

Today, we're going to take a quick look at the Phoenix USA Flexi Flares with bolts. This is going to be a universal fit with a rubber design, and it's going to be 58 inches by two and a half. This comes as a quantity of two, so we can fit one on each side of our vehicle, whether that's going to be an RV, a trailer or our truck.And basically this is just going to protect our vehicle from getting any road debris or rocks kicked up and damaging the side of our vehicle. So with this flexi flare, it's actually going to be a sidewall mount, so it's going to fit something like that. This is going to be the outer portion on the outside of our vehicles. That's what more or less would it look like.And this will be mounted up to your vehicle.

So you actually drill into the underside of that flare, and drill straight into the side of your vehicle. So it's probably gonna work best on something like an RV or trailer. Now the design of this is going to be pretty flexible. It does not come with wire, so it's going to have to hold it shape just by the bolts and the rubber itself.But as you can see, we can flex that along, kind of stretch it out. There are instructions that give you tips on how to get that to curve better, whether you have to cut a notch in that inside part to make it fold in if you're growing around a tighter corner or something like that.

And again we're going to have 58 inches of length, and it's going to stand about two and a half inches tall, going from where it's going to meet up with our vehicle to the edge of that flare.And the nice thing about that side construction is that it is going to hide our hardware. Does come with a good amount of bolts to get that installed. These are just going to be quarter inch self tapping screws, so you can use an eighth of an inch drill bit to make your pilot hole for that, or you can just screw it directly in with a variable speed drill. If you so choose to do that.The manufacturer also recommends that you'll probably have to lift up your vehicle and remove the wheel to get better access to your wheel well to install these, so keep that in mind. And basically, it's just going to help to keep our vehicle looking nice as we travel down the road.

And that's going to do it for a quick look at the Phoenix USA Flexi Flares with bolts, universal fit with a rubber design measuring 58 by two and a half inches long.

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