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Peterson Vehicle Organizer - Document Organizer - 45 Review

Today we're going to take a quick look at the Peterson Certificate Holder and Pouch. Now this is going to keep your certificate clean and dry in any of those applications where you need to have it clearly visible. We'll have our aluminum frame. You don't have to worry about any rusting or corrosion with that. It's a pretty simple set up here and then we'll have our little vinyl pouch. You want to make sure that the press to fit closure is facing down to make sure that it stays waterproof.

If you have it up, water can seep in and then ruin your paper documents.So fitting together we'll have our documents clearly visible, pretty easy. There's no mounting hardware with this so you will have to provide that on your own. And one thing that I noticed is either this pouch has shrunk a little bit or it just doesn't line up super well, so you might have to kind of stretch it out or tear a little bit of that hole to get it to line up perfectly.Dimension wise our aluminum frame is about seven and a quarter inches long, and then it's going to be about four and seven eighths inches wide. Our mounting holes, center to center, are about six and three eighths apart, six and three eighths inches. Our pouch is going to be a little bit smaller.

Now the outer dimensions are about four and three quarters inches by about seven, but as far as the actual usable space, it's going to be a bit smaller than that. Our pushed to fit closure there is going to limit our space to that edge. Then the two mounting holes, they're kind of welded plastic there, so we can't really go any further out than that than that weld or that seam on the vinyl. And that's going to give us about five and a half inches to work with and about four inches to work with in the other direction.Something to keep in mind, they're all those dimensions. Again, you want to make sure that that's facing down but keep all our permits license certificates, clean and dry, and this product is also made in the USA.

That's gonna do it for our look at the Peterson Certificate Holder and Pouch.

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