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Review of Peterson Emergency Supplies - Warning Lights - 761MA

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Peterson Emergency Supplies - Warning Lights - 761MA Review

Today I'm gonna take a look at the Peterson Magnetic Mount 12-Volt Revolving Mini Amber Warning Light Bar.Now this light bar will warn other drivers and pedestrians of the presence of your service vehicle, so it's ideal for towing, plowing, transportation and even agriculture application.You can see it has this nice, large amber lens. This lens can be removed if you need to replace it if it's cracked, or if you need to access to replace the bulbs . Just to show you right here, if you pull this weather stripping down, you can see there's two screws here, then there's two on the other side. If you loosen those screws, you can remove the lens, access the bulbs, or replace the lens either way.It does use halogen bulbs, they're very easy to replace. The reflectors on the inside here .. There's two of 'em.

They do rotate around the bulbs to create a flashing effect. It's a dual design, so it does provide 270 flashes per minute.Mention this is a magnetic mount, if I turn it to the bottom here you can see there's four magnets right here. The pull force on each magnet is about 75 pounds. Gives you a nice way to quick mount this and to remove it. So you can put it up there to hold it into place and if you need to move it to another vehicle, you can just remove it.Now it does plug into a 12-volt accessory outlet, comes with this included cord.

It's a 15 foot long cord. This is compatible with most 12-volt DC systems. This part is made in the USA.Few specs on this light. The wattage is 55 watts at 12-volts. We mentioned power cord length, 15 feet.

You can see it even has a on and off switch on there. I'm gonna show you . In a minute, we're gonna hook this up to some 12-volt power, show you how it operates.First I wanna give you some overall dimensions on this. The width of the light from this edge to this edge .. gonna be right at 23 inches wide.

The total height from the bottom to the very flat top is gonna be five and a quarter inches tall. The depth on this light . Let me just rotate this. You can see the depth on it, front to back is gonna be right at about eight inches deep.What we're gonna do now is plug this in and actually first, I wanna show you the magnetic pads right here. I got a piece of metal just to show you how it will attach. Again, it has a very strong hold so to remove it you really have to pull on it to get it to remove. Same with the two over here.Now we'll go ahead and hook this up to some power. I got a 12-volt outlet here. Just hook it up. So if you have your 12-volt outlet like this, then if we just push that in there. Then we'll have our switch, if you push the switch to turn it on . Now this is . I'm showing you what the lights are just to show you how bright it is. It's got the two rotating reflectors with the halogen bulbs. Now if I turn off the overhead lights, you can see how bright it is. Very noticeable, it's about 270 flashes per minute. Then you have your switch if you need to turn it off. You wanna turn it back on again. Then turn it off.Again, it's easily removed if you need to put it into another vehicle, you just unhook it from it's magnetic mount, plug this into the 12-volt outlet, you're ready to go in another vehicle.But that should do it for the review on the Peterson Magnetic Mount 12-Volt Revolving Mini Amber Warning Light Bar.

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