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Review of Peterson Emergency Supplies - LED Strobe Turn Signal Light - PE95CR

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Peterson Emergency Supplies - LED Strobe Turn Signal Light - PE95CR Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at We're going to be taking a quick look at the Luminex LED turn signal and strobe lights. These are going to be two amber lights. They come individually. It doesn't come as a pair, but I just wanted to show you what they look like whenever you do have them paired up to the same type.

There's either type one or type two. The reason why there'd be a different or that you'd need to pay attention is if you want to have the lights flash in sync with each other. So there'll be synced up. You want to get two of the same kind. Either type one or type two, it doesn't really matter.

They're pretty much the same. Or, if you want them to alternate and go back and forth, you'll want to get one of each, so a type one and a type two.These are both going to be the same type so they should flash in sync. I'll show you that here. Turn them on. They flash in sync.

And then whenever you hit the override for just the solid signal, they'll go to that solid signal and then they'll go back to the flashing sync depending on how you have these wired up. It just kind of depends on the function there. If I switch it around, should just come on solid unless you hit something to operate . there we go .. the strobe function.

Typically it looks like the solid function is going to override the strobe so that's just something to keep in mind there. Kind of depends on how you wire it up, but gives you both those function. And again, with that sync wire, they will flash in sync with each other. So take a closer look at these guys and make sure that they're the right fit for your trailer.They're going to be 4-1/4 inch in diameter. Again, this does not come as a pair. I just wanted to show you both at the same time to show you that sync pattern. Each light is 4-1/4 inch in diameter. It also does not come with the wiring. You will have to pick that up separately. There should be two pieces that you'll really need. The three-wire plug. That's available here at You can find that as a related product on the product page using part number 417-49 and then there's also this single wire which you can also find available here at This is your sync wire. If you don't really care about having a light flash in sync, you don't really have to get this but this is going to give you your basic functions of the light. They make a nice, easy watertight connection in the back of that housing so you don't have to worry about there being any water getting in there.Now measurements as promised, 4-1/4 inch in diameter, 1-3/8 of an inch thick. If we go to the back of the housing here, the light face itself again is that 4-1/4 inch. There are nine diodes total. The power draw at 12 volts is 0.23 amps. It does have a limited lifetime warranty. It's made in the USA. There is a grommet that you can find to go with this as well. And again, you can find that here at the product page as a related product. Kind of finishes off the light, gives it a little bit of a road dampening effect. It kind of keeps it insulated from any kind of road bumps so it should last longer.All in all, this should be a really nice light for your trailer. If you want to find that type one light, if you want to have an alternating pattern, you can also find that here at as a related product. So check it out if you're interested. Hope this has answered your questions on this light and whether or not it's going to be the right one for you. Again, I'm Ellen here at Thanks for watching.

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