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PetBuckle Pet Supplies - Vehicle Restraint - PBF18735 Review

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Review of PetBuckle Hunting and Fishing PBF18735

Today were reviewing part number PBF18735. This is the PetBuckle vehicle restraint harness. It fits dogs up to 20 pounds. This is a crash-tested harness that comes with a one-year warranty. You want a harness for your dog because you dont want him climbing into the front seat and distracting you and possibly causing an accident. You dont want him jumping up on your passenger.

Most important, if you do happen to have an accident, heaven forbid, whatever speed you were going if your dog is not restrained hes going to keep going at that speed and possibly through the front windshield and we know you dont want that to happen. Also, again, if you are in a serious accident and emergency personnel have to come and try to get you out of your car, theyre going to open the doors. Your dog, if hes not restrained, is going to be terrified and could run out and run away forever or even worse could try to bite one of the emergency personnel and that has serious consequences. You dont want any of those things to happen so its a good idea to have some kind of restraint for your dog. This is a good system.

It works very well on small dogs. This tab on the front is the adjuster. You just slide the web straps however you need to, to fit your dog. Start off with it at the largest size, that is as the straps are loosest, and just slide this loop here over your dogs head. Assume that my fist is your dogs head.

Now youve got this resting on his chest, this adjusting tab, the rubber piece right here. Thats when you start adjusting so that it will fit comfortably on his chest. Thats real easy to do. Once you have it adjusted comfortably, heres doggys chest, head is here. Then you want to buckle the straps.

They work just like a regular seatbelt. Now, youve got something that looks like this. These pieces here, this loop and the seatbelt buckles right here those should be resting on your dogs back behind his head. Heres your loop. You take your seatbelt from the vehicle and just slide it through the loop and then click it in the way you normally would to buckle in a passenger. Now your dog is safely restrained. If you want him to have a little more freedom of movement to lie down or walk around on the backseat you can get a PetBuckle Kwik-Connect pet tether. There are two sizes. One goes up to 18 inches long and thats part number PBF13560. The other one goes up to 30 inches long. Thats part number PBF13561. Both of those are sold separately. Theres a D-ring on the end of the loop here. You can attach a leash to that or use the Kwik-Connect tether and use that to take doggy for a pit stop whenever you go outside the car or when youre ready to go back home. This does come with a one-year limited warranty. Its easy to use. It will keep you and your dog safe for travel. Thats it for part number PBF18735 the PetBuckle vehicle restraint harness for dogs up to 20 pounds. .

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