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PetBuckle Pet Supplies - Vehicle Restraint - PBF13570 Review

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Review of PetBuckle Hunting and Fishing PBF13570

Today were reviewing part number PBF13570. This is the Pet Buckle Pet Restraint System for truck beds, and it has two steel hooks that are coated in polypropylene so they wont scratch your truck bed paint; drivers side, passenger side, and these hook to the tie down points on the side of your truck bed on the side rails. So, one goes to one tie down point, one goes to the other tie down point, and then in the center you have a d-ring. Now, I just want to mention that Ive shortened the strap using these rubber bands, but actually the strap is adjustable up to 83 inches long or wide, and it has this very easy-to-use buckle system for adjusting the straps shorter or wider. What you do is attach the two hooks to the side of the truck on the attachment points, and then you use this included quick-connect tether. So thats what it looks like, and youll see theres a red button on the end.

Thats for releasing it when its connected and you want to release it, and it does quick connect. It just snaps right on to the d-ring like that. This part is not adjustable in length. What you have at the other end is a sturdy hook that snaps onto the d-ring on your pets restraint system. Your dog should be wearing a restraint harness.

Thats sold separately. You do not ever want to attach this to a dogs collar. If your dog weighs less than 20 pounds, you want to use this with Pet Buckle Vehicle Restraint Harness, part number PBF18735. If your dog weighs more than 20 pounds, you want to use the Pet Buckle Vehicle Restraint Harness, part number PBF14431. These straps are seatbelt quality.

Theyre made of strong nylon webbing, and this device has been crash tested for safety. In addition to the quick-connect tether and the strap that gets hooked to your tie down points, you also get a stuff bag to use when you want to store this device when its not in use. Also, they have an extra loop handle right here and you can use the strap if you need to as a leash when youre making pit stops with your pet. This does have a one-year limited warranty. And, thats all for part number PBF13570, the Pet Buckle Pet Restraint System for pickup truck beds..

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