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Review of Performance Tool Tools PTW1477

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Performance Tool Digital Scale. This product is very versatile and can be used for weighing a variety of items. It's going to feature an easy to read back-lit digital display that's going to provide accurate readings every time. It does convert between units of measure easily in just 1 click. You'll notice you have 3 buttons down here. You have a power button, a unit button, and a reset button.

It's going to feature a nice strong and comfortable handle. You just hold the unit like this. The handle has a rubber-like coating, which is going to increase the amount of grip you can have. This does feature a capacity of 100 pounds, or 45 kilograms. It's going to come with a strap and buckle. This would simply attach to the unit just like that, and then you can loop that strap around whatever it is that you want to weigh.

It's also going to come with a hook for attaching to other items. You place the hook through there and then you can hook whatever it is that you want to weigh onto that larger hook. Really nice design. It comes with both of those options. Batteries are included. It's going to require 1 CR2032 button cell battery.

Again, it is included. It goes right in this area here. You just lift up on the tab to open that up. Then you can remove and replace the battery as needed. Just push that back down to secure it in place.

Overall length measurement of the unit going from edge to edge, we're looking at a measurement right around 4-3/4 of an inch. Gong this direction, edge to edge, it's going to be about 1-5/8ths, and then the thickness is going to measure about 3/4 of an inch thick. What I want to do now is just go ahead and show you how the unit functions, how it operates. What we'll do is we'll go ahead and power the unit on by pressing the power button. Hold that down, it's going to light up. Right now it's set to measure in pounds. You can switch it just with the push of a button. Then you can attach whatever method it is that you want to use. We're going to use the strap today, so I'm going to unbuckle it. I just have the bag right here that I've weighed down. I'm going to loop my strap through, buckle it back to itself, and then I'll just go ahead and attach these two pieces together. Then I'm ready to go ahead and weigh it. You can see here that it's reading. Once it all settles down it'll give my accurate reading. Looks to be about 8.2 pounds. Another thing I want to mention is that I can go ahead and detach my weight and the scale will hold the reading until you hit the reset button. Nothing is attached to it now. I can hit reset and it's going to zero it back out. Really nice design. That's going to do it for today's look at the Performance Tool Digital Scale.

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