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Review of Performance Tool Hitch Accessories PTW1276

Speaker 2: Today we're going to be taking a look at part number PTW1276. This is the Performance Tools Vehicle and Trailer Aligner. This is a two in one magnetic trailer alignment kit. It's going to feature the bright yellow foam balls for day use and it's going to come with the red flashing LED lights for night time use or for use in low light conditions. Now these are going to be telescoping rods. That way you can customize the height that you need for your particular situation or application or set up. They're going to have magnets on the bottom.

That way they can easily attach to the ball mount on your vehicle and to the coupler on your trailer. Now with these fully collapsed, the rods are going to measure about 7 1/4 of an inch tall. That way it does allow for compact storage. The balls are just threaded on there so you can remove them if you need it a little more compact. With the balls installed, it's going to give us an overall height of about 9 inches tall. Now with the rods fully extended, they're going to have an overall length or height of around 41 inches, and again, you can adjust anywhere in between those measurements to get the height that you need for your particular setup.

The diameter of the base, how much room it's going to take up on the mounting surface, that's going to be 13/16 of an inch. The rods are going to be made from a stainless steel construction, so they'll do a really good job at resisting rust and corrosion. Each LED light is going to contain three AG3 button cell batteries. Those are already installed and they are included. Just want to show you how to change from the foam ball to the LED light. Simply just unthread the ball from the rod. Both of these are going to do the same, or operate the same.

I'm just going to show you how to do one. Take the LED light, thread it onto the rod, and then to turn the LED light on, it's got arrow indicators right here, one on each side. One of them says off, the other one says on, and then the arrow shows which direction to twist the LED light to turn it on or off. To turn it on, we just twist it until it starts flashing, so you can see there how that would be really beneficial at night time or low light conditions, and then to turn it off, we simply just thread it back the other direction until the LED lights stop. That way we don't have to worry about wasting our battery life. Now when it comes to using these, very simple process.

Again, you're just going to choose whatever one works best for you, whether its the foam balls or whether its the red flashing LED lights. You place one alignment tool behind the ball on the tow vehicle, and then you can extend this to where the ball or LED light is easily visible by the driver. Place the other tool on the coupler of the trailer, and you'll want to extend it to the same height as the one on the tow vehicle, and then you can use the tools to help align the vehicle with the trailer, and then you can get out and make your connection. These are going to come in handy when it comes to aligning your vehicle or your ball with the coupler on the trailer when you're doing it by yourself. You don't necessarily have to rely on another person to help you, so they're a great tool to have. They're going to come in handy, and again, these are designed to help align the tow vehicle with the trailer. That way you can get out and easily make your connection and head down the road. That's going to do it for today's look at part number PTW1276.

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