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Review of Performance Tool 12V Power Accessories PTW1658

Today we're going to be taking a look at the performance tool 6-inch oscillating 12-volt fan. This is a single speed fan that easily connects to a 12-volt accessory outlet. It's got the convenient 12-volt adapter plug that's going to have a 6-foot cord length. That easily connects to an accessory outlet in your vehicle. It does come with a couple different mounting options. This one right here is going to be the clip.

A nice, large, strong clip with an easy grip design. This is going to offer versatile mounting. You can just clamp it onto any surface or area that you would like to have the fan. It's also going to come with a plate as well as the necessary hardware for a permanent mounting option. This bracket attaches to the base of the fan. This is going to be your attaching bracket, so if you want to use the clamp it engages inside the slots and then you would secure it in place with a screw.

Then that way you can transport around, clip it to whatever you want. That options included. Then for the permanent option you would mount this to the surface where you want the fan to be located. The fan would slide into the bracket and then you would use this screw right here to attach the two pieces together. Both options are included as well as the hardware.

That's a nice feature of the unit. The blade protector here at the front is a metal construction. The blade protector on the back and the housing is going to be a plastic construction. The blades themselves, that's a 3 blade design, those are plastic as well. What I want to do now is simply just go ahead and hook it up to power that way you can kind of see just how it operates and how it functions. This is going to be the oscillating pattern.

You can see that it doesn't just go side to side. It actually goes in a circular motion. That's going to cover both high and low zones. Then there's a red lever back here so you can rotate that up and then that's going to hold the fan to a fixed position to blow to one area. Really nice design. Again, single speed. The housing is grey in color and then the lever on the back is red in color. That's going to do it for today's look at the performance tool 6-inch 12-volt fan.

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