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PTC Air Filter - Cabin Air Filter - 3513932C Review

Today we're gonna take a look at the PTC custom air filter. This is going to be a charcoal material. This is going to be very important to filter out any harmful chemicals or particulates that we don't really want to breath in. When we're out on the road, we can encounter a lot of different things from pollen and dust to brake dust, harmful gases, and other stuff that we're really don't want to have inside our cars. This is going to effectively trap all those things and those car emissions, smoke, or any other carbon other monoxide as they pass through the filter. The carbon material itself is gonna do a really great job of filtering out all those things.

It's gonna be more effective than the typical paper that we get on a lot of other filters.This is also gonna help to make sure that our heating and air conditioning systems are working properly. A lot of times whenever your filter gets full of gunk, it can sort of prevent the airflow from going through properly, and then our air conditioning system and heating can kind of build up and cause corrosion in our components, and it's just overall not a great thing.Now this is going to be manufactured to all ISO standards. And it's a pretty easy installation. Your cabin filter is typically gonna be in the glove compartment of your vehicle, so just drop that down, pull out your old filter, and replace this. You will want to note the airflow direction whenever you take out your original one, and just make sure that you match that up to your new filter.Now this is going to be a fit for many of our GMC, Chevrolet, and Cadillac, and Buick vehicles.

To make sure that this is going to be a fit for you, you definitely want to use our fit guide here at, put in your year, make, and model, and go from there. This is going to be an exact replacement for the ECOGuard Ecstasy 10191 and XC1022C, as well as the Hastings AFC 1624, the WIX 24211, and GKI CF1259 and CF1273.Now the manufacturer does recommend that you change your air filter every 12 thousand to 18 thousand miles or about once a year. You do want to check your owner's manual to make sure that they don't specify changing it any more regularly than that, but usually that 12 to 18 thousand miles or once a year is a pretty good metric to go by.And that's gonna do it for our quick look at the PTC custom fit cabin air filter in charcoal.

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