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Review of Optronics Trailer Lights - Clearance Lights - MCL56RMB

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Optronics Trailer Lights - Clearance Lights - MCL56RMB Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Optronics LED trailer clearance or side marker light. This is going to be a weather-tight connection with one diode and a red lens. This is going to be a great way to improve or upgrade your existing trailer wiring or maybe add some lights to your trailer. It is going to be a waterproof LED light and it's going to be sonically sealed. Basically that means that it's just going to be able to withstand any water getting in there. You don't have to worry about any particles getting in there or any other substances.So it's going to work really well for marine trailers.

Any time we're out in the elements, it's going to be able to withstand all those things. Now it does have a two-wire plug that it accepts on the back. Turn the lights back on in the studio here so we can take a look at that. Now that is not included. I do have it hooked up right now just so you can see the light turned on.

But I turn my power off here and unhook my connections, we can get a closer look at that wire.So on the back we'll have our plug. This is going to be a really tight-fitting connection. This wiring is going to be sold separately. It's going to be part number AL42BP. You can find that here at and as you can see it's holding really well on there.

It's pretty hard to just pry it off with my fingers and the light does come with some dielectric grease. You can see it's a little messy back there. That helps to promote the connection as well to make sure, again, that we don't have any water getting built up back there. There's no corrosion that can form.It's just going to help the overall longevity of our light. So this is what the connection is going to look like on the back there.

Now like I said, that is dielectric grease that's getting all over our stuff here. We do have dielectric grease available here at if you want to pick some up. It's just always a good thing to have on any wiring connection especially if you are going to be using this in a marine environment or anywhere that's going to be pretty water-friendly, in the Northwest, or maybe anywhere that just rains a lot or you're going to be using it in and out of the water. It's always good to have that dielectric grease. You can find that here at our wiring adapter, you can also get a grommet for this light. It is going to have a recessed grommet. That part number is going to be A54GB. Also sold separately and basically that just is going to go behind our light. It's going to kind of complete the look of our light as well as give it a little bit more shock protection. It helps to give it from getting jarred too much and damaging any of the wires inside but again, this is going to be a pretty durable light. It's going to have a polycarbonate lens and housing and with those LEDs they are going to be much longer-lasting than your typical incandescent bulbs. Much more efficient as well. It's going to provide you a nice bright light without using nearly as much power.The power draw with this light is going to be 0.05 or excuse me, 0.045 amps at 12.8 volts. As far as our dimensions, it's going to be a two inch diameter and then it's going to be one and 3/16ths of an inch thick. Now Optronics does offer a limited lifetime warranty on those LEDs. Overall, it's just going to be a really nice easy-to-use light. Again, with our housing we can just plug that in and then wire it up. You can find all those additional accessories, like I said, here at and many other items for your trailer needs.And that's going to do it for our look at the Optronics LED trailer clearance or side marker light.

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