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Review of Optronics Trailer Lights - Clearance Lights - MCL131RC210B

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Optronics Trailer Lights - Clearance Lights - MCL131RC210B Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at and today we're going to be taking a look at the Optronics mini red LED clearance or side marker light. Now this is going to be a great upgrade for any incandescent lights that you might have on your trailer or camper. It's going to give you that red light for any kind of clearance lights, especially on the back of your trailer. This is a P2 rated light, so they're basically .. That just means that it can only be seen from a certain angle, so it doesn't work as a clearance and a side marker light.

It works as one or the other. So just depending on how you have it mounted, it will serve those functions. But the nice thing about this again is that it's an LED light so there's no maintenance required with this. No bulbs to change out, it's a much more efficient light and it is going to be compatible with 12 volt DC systems.We don't have to worry about getting in there, changing any bulbs. And this is also going to be submersible, so it works for any kind of boat trailers, any marine applications and it's also just nice that it does ...

It's not going to get any dust or debris that can get in there and cause any issues with our wiring down the road. So it should be a long lasting, nice looking light. It has a clear lens over red LEDs. Just surface mounts to your trailer. There's a little notch out on either side to allow your power wire to sit flush against the side of the trailer.

It does not come with any hardware, so you will have to pick up some screws on your own. Two number 10 screws will work out pretty well for this. So you can pick those up separately.As far as the connections for wiring, we'll have our single wire here that's going to go to power. And then the ground connection, you might've seen that white wire coming out, that's going to go to one of those studs. So as you put those screws through, that'll make that ground connection as long as it goes into a metal part of your trailer to make that chassis ground.

So I've got everything connected. I'm going to switch on my power so you get an idea of what that light looks like when it's lit up. So nice, fairly bright light for those little LEDs. There's just two diodes in there.It does have a power draw at 12 volts of 0.046 amps. So very low power draw. I'm going to turn the lights out in the studios so you can get a better idea of what it looks like in the dark. So still pretty bright. But again, if you turn it to the side, you can't really see that light as well. So that's why it gets that P2 rating since it's just designed to be seen pretty much straight on. I'll go ahead and turn the lights back on and then we'll go over some measurements. Undo my connections, turn everything off.So with that low power draw, you could really put a lot of these on there without really taxing your system too much was just pretty nice. As far as the length of the light, it's about 2-1/2" long by about, I'd say, about an 1" wide. That sort of peaked portion there. And then just about 7/8" deep or 7/8" tall. The wire lead coming off the back, our power wire, is about 6-1/2" of length that you get there.Now if you need any other items to go with your install heat shrink butt connectors to make that wiring connection, any kind of stuff like that, you can find those here at to go with this. One last measurement I want to give you is the distance between the mounting holes, center to center. It's about, 1-7/8" apart there. There is a lifetime warranty on those LEDs from Optronics, and with that, that's going to do it for our look at the Optronics mini red LED clearance or side marker light.

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