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Optronics Lights - Utility/Work Lights - TLL149FB Review

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Review of Optronics Lights TLL149FB

Speaker 1: Today, we're taking a look at the Optronics Opti-Bright LED Work Light. This oval work light provides bright, white light for industrial, agricultural, and recreational applications. This is a flood beam designed with a nice glow light ring, which illuminates a very wide area. Towards the end of the video, I'll show you in the studio what it looks like with some power running to it, and the overhead lights turned off. But this unit is designed to better withstand shock and vibration and allow for improved heat distribution, and that's because of the durable surface-back technology when it comes to the construction of the LED circuit board.Now, this is a LED system. LEDs make great replacements for incandescent lights.

They last longer, they burn brighter, and they're much more efficient. You don't have to worry about replacing bulbs or worry about brittle filaments with an LED system.When it comes to the construction, we're looking at a nice, durable water-resistance construction. So it has a black powder-coated die cast aluminum housing. Very strong and durable. It's rust proof.

And then, here at the front, it has a tough polycarbonate lens. It's impact resistant, and it features an IP69K rating, so it stands up to severe environmental conditions and cleaning methods.This is compatible with 12 volt and 24 volt DC systems. It's a pretty simple installation. It does come with a bolt right here, and a mounting bracket, so it features the single-bolt pedestal style bracket and hardware included for installation. The adjustable bracket allows you to adjust the angle of the light as needed, and the bracket and the hardware are stainless steel construction to resist rust and corrosion.We're gonna take a look at the measurements real quick and then we'll hook it up to power.

So I took a measurement of the overall distance we have here, from edge to edge. Got a measurement of about Six and five-eighths inches . With the bracket in this position, I wanna point out the overall height measurement. So, if it was mounted straight up and down like this. From the mounting surface to the top of the light, I got a measurement of about four and seven-eighths inches tall.

From the front of the unit to the very back I got a depth of about two and five-eighths inches deep. Now, the light itself, edge to edge, is about six and five-eighths. Up and down, just this portion here, is about three and a half inches tall. The mounting bracket measures an inch and a half long, by three quarters of an inch wide.We're gonna go ahead and hook it up to power, and then we'll also turn off our overhead light so you can see it in a lower light setting.Now, this sends out a very bright, consistent signal. It features multiple diodes. So the multi-diode design really helps optimize the overall light output. Now, when it comes to the effective lumen output, that's 1,680 Lumens. Raw lumen output is 2,400 Lumens. Power draw at 13.5 volts is 2.05 amps. At 28 volts, that's 0.97 amps. And Optronics puts a lifetime warranty on the LEDs.That's going to do it for today's look at the Optronics Optri-Bright LED Work Light.

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