Optronics 12V Power Accessories A-200 Review

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Review of Optronics Accessories and Parts A-200

Today we are going to review part number A-200. This is the Optronics replacement 12V DC power plug. Now, this part is used to replace a damaged plug or you can even add a plug to like an Optronics light if you want to. The Optronics lights we do sell separately on our website. This plug will work with most electrical accessories that plug into a 12V DC port. Now, this must be hardwired to a cord with 2-wire configuration.

Basically, you'll have a black wire usually which connects to the negative port to serve as the ground and you usually have a red wire which connects to the positive port to power the device. This does provide 12 amp protection. It is constructed of a durable black plastic. It does come with these two spades and basically what you do is you take your two wires and connect them to these spades, you crimp then down over that or if you could be even more secure, you could even solder them if you like. Once your wires are connected, you have a positive and the negative. What you'll do to install this is you'll see, there is two slots right in the back there and on here you'll see plus which is positive, minus which is negative, so you just make sure the wire that is the positive will push into this side and the wire that is connected to this that is negative will push into this side.

You just push the wires in and will actually click into place. Now, you don't have to take this apart, but I just want to show you so you can understand how this connects. I'm going to take the little Phillips screw out and I'm just going to pull this apart. The thing you have to remember if you do pull this apart, you want to make sure some of these pieces could fall out like the spring or that, you want to make sure you are careful. Basically, how this would work with your wire attached to this, when you push this into here, it will go, you push it into that opening, as you push it up, it will lock it right into place and keep pushing it, it will push that and lock the spade onto that tab right there. And it will do the same with the negative wire. You just slide this one up on this side and as you slide it up all the way, it will click right onto that one and that gets your connections.

Very secure connection. It's very simple to install the wire to it and like I said, you don't have to take this apart, I just wanted to show you how it works there on the inside. Then just putting it back together, you put your Philips screw back in and tighten it down. Pretty simple with your wires connected, your positive and your negative, just make sure you get them in the right spot. Push them in each hole, when they click into place, you're ready to go.

That should do it for the review on part number A-200, the Optronics replacement 12V DC power plug. .

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