Optronics 12V Power Accessories - Power Socket - A-101M Review

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Review of Optronics 12V Power Accessories A-101M

Today we're going to review part number A-101M. This is the Optronics Marine Grade 12 volt DC outlet. This is compatible with your 12 volt DC cigarette lighter style plugs. It allows you to plug in your 12 volt appliances right here without using an adapter. It does use a marine grade stainless steel brass construction on the inside, which is safe for use in boats and water based applications. It has this nice protective cap, keeps any water or moisture from getting into that outlet.

When you close it, you'd hear it snap into place and give a good seal. This is a 2 amp 150 watt operation. It's all in a nice black plastic housing. It does have the 2 wires coming out of the back. Red wire is your power wire, black would be your ground. This package does include 2 wire taps that you can use to connect your wires to your power source and into self-tapping screws that you would use to mount your mounting bracket that this is attached to, to wherever you need on your application.

That should do it for the review on part number A-101M, the Optronics Marine Grade 12 volt DC outlet.

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