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Review of OptiMate Battery Charger - Battery Charger - MA27JR

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OptiMate Battery Charger - Battery Charger - MA27JR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at this OptiMate 2 DUO Smart Battery Charger. This is going to make it very easy to keep your batteries charged up. This is an AC to DC smart charger that plugs right into your wall, in your garage, or wherever it is that you're going to need to charge up your batteries, and then it will automatically charge and maintain your batteries. This will work with a 100 to 240 volt of alternating current input, and it will provide a max charging amperage of two amps for your battery. This will work with multiple different kinds of batteries, it's got a multiple battery profile setting here, so you can see it will work with your 12 volt lead-acid batteries, whether they'd be flooded, AGM, gel, enhanced flooded, from 60 to 96 amp-hours, as well as 12 volt lithium iron phosphate batteries from 2 to 24 amp-hours.

So this is gonna be great for charging your lawnmower, motorcycle, ATV, car, SUV, truck, boat, or tractor. It's gonna do a great job of charging up those batteries, so that you always know that you have a charge when you need it. This does have a 5-step charging algorithm that is automatically going to charge, test, and maintain your batteries without overcharging them, so it will analyze the battery condition to make sure that you're getting a customized charge, so that it's not going to overcharge it. It does have a low voltage detection rating of four volts, so if it's getting too low, it can check that as well. It also maintains your battery at 100% capacity to extend your battery life and improve performance.

So once it gets up to that full capacity, it's going to just maintain that over time to improve your battery. You can see, it does have these LED lights to indicate your charging status to keep you informed on what's going on. This is a nice durable weatherproof case. It's got an IP rating of 54, so it will hold up really well for you. It does have these wall mounts, so it's gonna be very easy to get mounted in place near your power outlet, so you can plug this in.

This cable here is right about six feet, so you've got about six feet from your outlet that you can get this mounted. Then your other charging cable is six feet as well, so you'll have a total of 12 feet of distance that you can get this mounted in place and reach out to your battery, and then you've got two different ways of connecting to your battery. So you've got these battery clamps that are gonna be more of a quick temporary easy way to connect to your battery, just plug these right in place with the connector there. Or if you are looking for more permanent option, they do also include these eyelets that will mount onto your battery posts, and then you can zip tie this side to your vehicle. It does have a 15 amp fuse to help protect the electronics from potential short circuits, and then the SAE connector has this weatherproof seal and cap to help keep out any dirt and water when you're not connected, so if you want to permanently install this on your vehicle or more permanently install on your vehicle, so that it's just ready to plug in anytime you want to charge it up in the garage and that sort of thing.

So a couple of different options there, both of these are about 20 inches in length, so it won't give you a whole lot, but with that 12 feet that you've got from this, should be plenty to connect from your wall to your battery. So a really nice option here to just make sure that your batteries are staying healthy, and that they're gonna be charged when you need them to be. So if you put them in storage, or if your battery has died and you're needing to charge it up, this will do a good job of helping to just make sure that your batteries are healthy and charged. So that's gonna complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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