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MaxxTow Trailer Jack - Side Frame Mount Jack - MT70149 Review

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Review of MaxxTow Trailer Jack MT70149

Today were going to review part number MT70149. This is the MaxxTow round swivel trailer jack with dual wheels and the side wind handle. This marine jack will help support, lift and lower your boat or recreational trailer. It has a convenient spring-loaded handle which will let you easily swing the jack into place. It will pivot up to stow parallel to the tongue for travel, and then when you pull it up and release it will move back into the upright position for use. This jack does have a corrosion resistant zinc finish and is made of a sturdy steel construction.

It has dual thermal plastic wheels which will provide support and simple maneuverability. It is a side wind design, which means the crank is on the side of the jack. It is a bolt on installation. The mounting bracket will have the holes for mounting and includes the mounting hardware which are these brackets right here, and the bolts which will go through. This mounting bracket will apply to trailer tongues up to four inches.

Just to give you an idea of the dimension on the mounting bracket, its going to be six and a half inches wide and five and a half inches tall. The wheel dimension , its going to be six inch diameter wheels, and they are both two inches wide. The weight capacity on this is 1500 pounds. Let me give you the retracted and extended dimensions. Right now I have this jack in the fully retracted position, meaning it is retracted all the way up into the jack tube.

The measure of the fully retracted height would be from the center of the mounting bracket to the bottom of the wheels. In this case, if we measure it would be 14 inches. If I crank this, and would fully extend this jack all the way out as far as it would go, if we did that measurement from the center to the bottom it would actually be 26 . To get the maximum lift of this jack you would subtract the 14 retracted height from the 26 extended height, and that would get you a maximum lift of 11 inches. I just want to show you real quick how the spring-loaded handle would work.

If you would picture this mounted onto your trailer like this, and if you would just pull up on the spring-loaded handle, that would rotate. You could just rotate it parallel. It would mount, snap into place. Now it would be parallel to your trailer tongue and out of the way, and you could drive and travel. If you get to your destination and you want to put the jack down, pull up on this handle and again, just swing it around. Its hard when its not connected to the trailer itself. There you go. Just turn it around till it pops into place, and that would be in the extended position. You could crank it up or down, either way . That should do it for review on part number MT70149.