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MaxxTow Trailer Jack - A-Frame Jack - MT70146 Review

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Review of MaxxTow Trailer Jack MT70146

Today were going to review part number MT70146. This is the MaxxTow electric A-frame jack with an 18 inch lift and a 2500 pound weight capacity. This jack is designed to use on an A-frame trailer tongue. It does have the triangular mounting bracket with the three industry standard holes which are three inches apart, center to center. This tongue jack does use a 12-volt motor which will power the jack, eliminating the need for hand cranking. It also has an easy to use three in one power switch which will give you retract, stop and extend position for simple operation.

At the top here is the power On/Off switch. This motor is protected by a 20 amp fuse, and also it has dual side lights as you can see, one on each side which will make it simple to set up your camper at night. It also includes a manual override handle, which if you have a power failure or you need to just move the jack manually theres a cap on top, which if pop this cap off this override handle will stick right in there and youll be able to crank that jack in or out, either way. This can be bolted on or welded on to your A-frame trailer. The hardware is not included.

That would have to be sold separately. It does have a round foot plate which is easily removable. You just pull the clip, then the pin. The foot plate does come off. The diameter on that foot plate would measure four and a quarter inches diameter.

This is built of a sturdy steel construction and it is finished with a corrosion resistant black powder coat finish. It does have a lift capacity of 2500 pounds, and it does have a maximum lift of 18 inches. The way you can get the 18 inches, Ill show you. Right now the jack is in the fully retracted position, meaning the inner tube is fully retracted into the outer tube. If we measure the total retracted height right now, from the mounting bracket to the bottom of the foot plate it would be eight and a half inches.

If we had power to extend this jack all the way out to the fully extended position and we measured from the mounting bracket to the fully extended foot plate it would be 26 inches. If you subtract the eight and a half inch retracted measurement from the 26 extended measurement, that would get you your maximum lift of 18 inches. This also has the wire to be connected to the power, to supply the 12-volt power to the jack. That should do it for a review on part number MT70146.