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MaxxTow Off Road Lights - Light Bar - MT80631 Review

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Review of MaxxTow Off Road Lights MT80631

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Max Tow Off Road LED Light Bar, the LED Light Bar produces a bright mixed beam, which is ideal for off road driving. We're going to have flood beams that's great for seeing out in front of you, as well as off to both sides. It's going to have spot beams, which is great for seeing at a longer distance. It's going to feature superior light output from two rows of LEDs, it's going to feature premium LEDs at, we're going to offer 30,000 hours life spans. We're going to paint it durable weather resistant construction, very light weight design. It's going to be aluminum housing, as well as the mounting brackets, they're all going to have a black powdered coat finish on it, which is going to offer excellent rust and corrosion protection.

We're also going to have a tough poly-carbonate lens, it's very hard to break and it's going to be scratch resistant. Now, the unique design of the housing allows heat to quickly disperse from the unit and it's really a simple installation. It's going to come with these universal mounting brackets, as well as mounting hardware, that way you can mount the lights almost in the application. These mounting brackets can pivot, so that way you can really change the angle of your light bar. It's got these small teeth in here that line up with the teeth on the housing of the LED light. Then once you get the hardware tightened, those teeth kind of interlock together, so if you ever want to adjust the angle of the bar, just loosen up the hardware on each side and then you can adjust it and then re-secure it or secure it back in place by tightening back down that hardware. Again, the universal mounting bracket and hardware to get the unit installed is included.

It's also going to come with your necessary wiring and it's going to come with a power switch. That way you can control the lights from the inside of your vehicle. The power switch does have an adhesive backing for easy installation, the units also fuse protected. It's going to have your fuse holes right here and it's going to come with a 30 amp fuse and it's going to have your relay, which would be mounted near the vehicle battery. It's going to feature a 2 wired design coming out of the back of the housing of the LED bar. Your black wire's for ground, red wire's for power, and this is designed to connect to a standard 12 volt DC power source.

The 2 wired design right here would connect to the 2 wires at the harness. Then you're going to have about 9 feet or so from this connection point, all the way up to the relay or the wires that connect to the battery. Then you're going to have about 9 and a half, or 9 more feet from the relay or from the battery to the power switch. You're going to have plenty of wiring for your application. The length of wiring shouldn't be an issue, you're going to have your wires right here that have ring tromels on here that way you can easily get these connected to the positive and the negative posts of the vehicle battery.

When it comes to the raw output, we're looking at 5,280 lumins. A few measurements I want to go over with you real quick. The viewable area, so measuring just the lens, going in this direction, that gives us a measurement of right around 12". Going in this direction, it's going to measure around 2", so 12 by 2. I also took a measurement when it comes to the length of just the bar. So I measured from this corner here to this corner on the other side, and I got a measurement of about 13 1/4". Then I took the measurement out a little bit further to the edges right here of where it mounts to the brackets, and got a measurement of 14". Then I included the brackets, got a measurement of 15 1/8 of an inch, and then I went overall to the edge of the bracket base and got a measurement of 16 1/4". These mount hole are going to be separated on center by 15 1/5", the height that we have with the unit straight up and down on our bracket system is going to be about 4 1/2", the height of just the bar itself is going to be about 3 1/4". The overall depth of the unit, front to back is only about 3 1/2" deep and then each mounting area, that's a rectangular design, that's going to measure about 1 11/16 of an inch by 1 1/4. Now again, this light bar contains 24 LEDs, the wattage is 72 watts, that's 3 watts per LED. What I want to do now is to hook it up to our power source so you can see what it looks like with running power into it. I'm not going to worry about running the harness, I'm just going to hook it directly to our power source here. Then we can also turn off the overhead lights so you can see it in a low light setting. You can see here that this light sends out a really nice strong consistent signal. It's a very bright LED light, again, it's going to contain a total of 24 LEDs, and it's going to have that mixed beam design. You're going to have your flood beams, which is great for seeing out in front of you as well as off to the sides, and you';re going to have a mix of spot beams in there as well, which is great for seeing at further distances. That's going to do it for today's look at the Max Tow Off Road LED Light Bar. .

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