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MaxxTow Ball Mounts - Adjustable Ball Mount - MT70067 Review

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Review of MaxxTow Ball Mounts MT70067

Today were going to review part number MT70067. This is the Maxx Tow eight position adjustable ball mount for a two inch hitch. This adjustable ball mount will offer eight different positions to match the height of your application. Itll work good if youre towing trailers of different heights with the same vehicle. It has a channel style mounting system, which is easy to adjust. You can move the ball up or down along the channel.

Then you just secure the ball mount in place with the included pins and clips. This is made of a sturdy steel construction. It has a corrosion resistant black powder coat finish. This does fit on a two inch trailer hitch receiver. The gross towing weight capacity on this is 5,000 pounds.

The tongue weight capacity is 500 pounds. It does have a maximum drop of 10 inches. Basically Ill show you a quick measurement of the drop here. The drop would be measured from the top of your receiver here to the top of where the ball is mounted. If we go up you can see its going to be 10 inches maximum drop.

Now if you put it the other way and do the maximum rise you would again measure from this top of the shank to the top of where the ball mount would be. If we do that that would be maximum rise is 8 inches. Now you can adjust when it says eight positions adjustable. It has holes drilled here on the shank and each one is an inch and a half different from center to center. You can adjust it four positions down, like in a drop position.

If you do it in the rise you can adjust it four positions up. Thatll give you your eight different positions that you can adjust this ball mount for. The distance from the hitch pin hole to the center of the hitch ball hole, this distance here, will be basically 12 inches. The ball hole dimension, right here, uses a hitch ball shank diameter of one inch and the length of this shank here is going to be 10 of an inch. I just want to show you briefly what you would do. You would have the clips on this side. If you just remove both clips and then pull out the pin that will allow this ball mount, this channel mount, to go up or down. In the drop position and if you turn this over and use it the rise position oops, actually use it this way, there you go. Thatll let you use it in multiple four different positions in the rise and four different positions in the drop. That should do it for review on part number MT70067.