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Review of MaxxAir Enclosed Trailer Parts MA00-955002

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number MA00-955002, this is the MaxAir Fanmated rain cover. It's going to be black in color. It's going to offer superior rain protection, less than 5% airflow restriction, very little assembly is required before the installation so I'm going to go ahead and show you how to install the two main pieces together. We're going to have the actual cover. When doing this you want to make sure it's on a nice flat surface, and then you're going to have the piece that goes on the back side. Now this piece can accept the bug screen that will simply snap into this area right here, and that's going to help keep out insects, and debris from the fan area. Now the insect screen or the bug screen is going to be sold separately. You can find that right here at but down here on the bottom tabs are going to be elongated holes.

You want to make sure that the tabs of this piece slides right into those elongated holes, do that on both sides, and then we can rotate this piece up and there's going to be three tabs on top. You want to make sure that engage with the three tabs located on the inside so it's just going to snap into place. Once we got those engaged that's really all there is to the assembly process. You can always flip it over and take a look on the inside, make sure that all three are engaged and now we'll be ready for the installation on to our roof vent or roof fan. Now its parts is going to be made here in the USA, it's going to feature a easy clip pins, this are going to offer quick and easy tool free installation. Now I do have a fan here that we're going to show you how to install this on, but before I do so I just want to mention that this can be used on standard fans with built in mounting tabs, and without built in mounting tabs.

The necessary brackets and hardware are going to be included for both installation options but ideally this is designed to fit over the new standard Max fans that have the molded waterproof mounting tabs. It going to be mounted on high powered fans you'll want to refer to the included instructions for the necessary installation hardware, and installation details. What we're going to do is we're going to show you how to get it installed on to a fan. I talked about the molded water proof running tabs that's going to be these right here. On fans that don't have this we're actually going to have a couple of holes located on that upper wall that dome sets over, and so that's where the brackets would attach to that way you can still use the easy clips. Now on different manufacturers they don't have the holes, they don't have the plugs to remove to gain access to the holes. What you would do is you'll simply just drill some small holes, and then you can use the brackets to still be able to use the easy clips, but the instructions are going to walk you through that process.

For our application today we do have the standard Max fan with the waterproof mounting tabs so our cover is designed to fit directly over this tabs. We'll go ahead and do that. Place it on there, try to line up our tabs that way we can install our easy clips, just slide through there. They are going to engage. Once we get the zone we'll want to move them to a lock position simply by rotating them up. Then you would install the other two clips on the other side.

If you ever need to gain access to your fan for maintenance, for inspections, for cleaning just simply remove two clips from one side, and then the side where the clips are remaining are going to . That side is going to work as a hinge so you can open it and you can gain access to the fan. That's going to do it for today's look at part number MA00-955002.

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