Master Lock Smart Bracket Universal U-Lock and Cable Lock Review

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Review of a Master Lock Smart Bracket Universal U-Lock and Cable Lock

Today we are going to show you part number 8351D from Master Lock. This is their Smart Bracket Universal U-Lock and Cable Lock carrier bracket. One bracket comes with each of these, and it is fairly simple onto install onto a bike. You simply just put it on the frame, you slide your lock in through the mechanism there, and we will show you how all that is done momentarily. But first we are going to show you how this actually operates. Now, as you can see here, the brackets go in through the back here. You can see, this is where you tighten them up with a flathead screwdriver, like so. Righty tighty, lefty loosey. After you remove this from the bracket itself, this is what you will be fitting the locking mechanism through. Like this, it operates with flathead screws, which allow you to open it as wide as you need to for whatever you need to. Now, just on a quick note here, it comes with two of these top parts here, one for 12-mm diameter and smaller or the larger 13-mm diameter and larger. But for our purposes today we will only be needing the 12. We are just going to attach a common bike lock. I will show you how it works.

Okay now I am going to go ahead and put this on our bike. Usually pick a nice clean area of the frame. We are going to use this area here. You simply slide it around and make sure you do not go over the cable. And then simply put it into the slots back, on the back side here, as we showed earlier, and then tighten down with these two screws here. It is just about tightened as far as we can go. At this point it is probably good to adjust it kind of where you want it to be. And notice the excess, here. At this point you would actually be slicing this off. Take a pair of scissors, a shears, whatever you can find to cut these pieces off to make sure it is always secure to your bike, and your bike alone. Now we are going to go ahead and show you what this portion does, here. To get this off, you simply just push up and it slides right off. I will show you how to tighten this down and what you can put inside of it. Okay, now that we have gotten everything tightened up, you tighten up the lock, using these screws here. Just use a regular flathead screwdriver like before. And then you just slide the lock into place until you hear it click, and everything is all set to go. And there you have it for part number 8351D from Master Lock, their Smart Bracket Universal U-Lock and Cable Lock carrier bracket.

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