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Master Lock Padlocks - Luggage Lock - ML4693D Review

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Review of Master Lock Locks ML4693D

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number ML4693D. This is the MasterLock Combination Padlock. It's TSA accepted. This pad-lock is going to secure your luggage to help prevent theft. The lock is certified for TSA Master Keys, so that's going to allow easy TSA screening. That means that they can unlock and re-lock your luggage without every needing your combination. It's going to use a three digit combination.

You have the nice little number wheels right here. Very simple to set and to reset. It's going to be white on black combination, so the white on the black is very easy to see when it comes to the numbers. Then you're going to have that side window for quick combination viewing. Another neat feature I want to point out, is this piece right here is a retractable personal ID panel, so you can write your information on there, and that way if your luggage is ever lost or damaged, they can get your contact info and notify you. That stays inside, so ...

That's just a nice little feature to have. When it comes to the shackle diameter, that's going to measure an eighth of an inch. The shackle length, measuring the inside from the top of the locked body to bottom of the arch of the shackle, that's going to measure three-quarters of an inch. Inside to inside going straight across measurement is seven-sixteenths of an inch. We're going to take a measurement of the lock body. Going this direction, it's going to measure an inch an a quarter.

The length, just the body not including the shackle, two and seven-sixteenths of an inch. Then the thickness is going to be a half inch. This is the key slot, again this is just for TSA master keys. It doesn't come with a set of keys; it just comes with a combination lock. It's going to come preset, or this one did, at 0 0 0. Line those up in the viewer there.

It's going to allow the shackle to come out. You can rotate it all the way around. Now, in order to change the combination lock, place it to the side setting. You need make sure that this gets pushed down, and then you can spin the combination to whatever you want. So, if we want to switch it over to 7 8 9, set the new combination. Take your finger off to let that go, and then now it's set. So, we're going to go ahead and reset it back to 0 0 0. I need to go ahead and put it on 7 8 9. Open it up. Turn it to the side. Go ahead and push all the way down, and then I an reset it to 0 0 0. That's going to do it for our review for number ML4693D. This is the MasterLock Combination Padlock. .

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