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Malone Watersport Carriers - Canoe - MPG112MD Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Malone Big Foot Pro Roof Rack Canoe Carrier with Tie Downs. Now these universal mount gun wale brackets with the padded bases will let you transport a canoe on your roof rack cross bars. It's also great for carrying a ladder, lumber, or any open hull boat. Basically when you install these on your cross bar, you put them across from each other, just like that. Then what you put in there is how you would carry it, sort of like a channel there.Application: This will work on round, square, arrow, elliptical, and most factory cross bars. The padded brackets grip the canoe.

Protect them from scratches and abrasions. They do have high sided bases here that will hold the canoe in place during transport. It does come with the two load straps with the cam buckles to secure your canoe to your roof rack. If you notice under the buckle, they do have nice padded protecting padding under that to keep it, the cam buckle from scratching your roof. Strap length on these is 15 feet.

Also comes with two bow/stern tie downs which will anchor the canoe to your vehicle with these hooks.It's a very quick, easy installation on most cross bar styles. There's no tools required. Basically when you go to install these, they use these universal jaws brackets which secure to the cross bars with the integrated hand knobs. These brackets are a steel bracket. Have a nice rubber vinyl coating over them to protect them when you tighten them down.

Basically what you would do is take your bolt, drop it through there, just like that. Then put your bracket on there so your bolts come through there. Then you use your wing nuts here to just tighten it down on both ends. That's how you'd install it to your cross bar.Now if you notice, they did give you two different lengths of bolts here because it depends on your cross bar thickness. They give you eight of the 50 millimeter long and eight of the 60 millimeter long bolts.

So you choose the bolts that will would fit your thickness of cross bar.The other nice feature on these . if you look on the bottom of them, that slot right here, that allows it to fit onto a T slot cross bar. But you do . it does require a T-slot hardware kit which we do sell separately and that will allow you to slide it into a T-slot cross bar. A T-slot hardware kit that we sell separately on our website is part number NPG915.We also sell a truck rack, ladder rack accessory kit that will allow it to attach to a truck rack, ladder rack. Again, we sell it separately on our website. It's pare number NPG1498.Now these are nice molded nylon brackets, very durable, corrosion resistant. This does come with everything shown here on the table. Nice set of detailed instructions on how to install everything.A few specs on this: the minimum cross bar spread it fits on is 24 inches. Carrying capacity is one canoe. The weight capacity on this is 165 pounds.But that should do it for the review on the Malone Big Foot Pro Roof Rack Canoe Carrier with Tie Downs.

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