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Review of Malone Trailer Parts - Replacement Slipper Springs - MPG468

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Malone Trailer Parts - Replacement Slipper Springs - MPG468 Review

Ellen: Hey, everyone. I'm Ellen here at Today we're taking a look at the replacement double leaf springs for Malone trailers.Now, this is going to fit several different of those Malone trailers, including the Malone MicroSport, the MicroSport XT, and also the LowBed trailer. This is going to be a slipper-style spring, so that basically just means that there's one eye bolt here on the end, and the other end is just going to be a slipper that rides over either your equalizer or hanger, and then this end attaches to the hanger coming off of the frame of your trailer.I'm going to go over some measurements just for reference for you guys, but again, it does fit with those different Malone trailer sizes. The length going from the center of that eye bolt to the end of the spring is about 24 and a quarter inch to the place where it's actually going to rest, it's about 22 and a half inches. The distance from that same point to the center bolt here that's attaching our two pieces together, is about 11 inches.This is a two-fly spring, so it's going to ...

Or a two-layer spring, so it has those two layers to provide the suspension for your trailer, and also again to give you that attachment for your axle on your trailer. The width of the springs is one and three-quarter inches. The weight capacity is 500 pounds, and this uses a half-inch shackle bolts, which are not included, but it does have the nylon bushing that's already driven in place for each of those slipper springs.So, it should get you back out and rolling with your Malone trailer, so that you can enjoy your vacation, or wherever you're going with your trailer. But that's going to do it for our look at the replacement double leaf springs for the Malone trailers.

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