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Review of M-3 and Associates Trailer Lights - Flush Mount Utility Light - M337FR

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M-3 and Associates Trailer Lights - Flush Mount Utility Light - M337FR Review

Ellen: Hey everyone, I'm Ellen here at, and we're taking a quick look at the LED utility light. This is going to be an external flush-mounted light to give you a really nice bright area illuminated around your enclosed trailer, or really anywhere that you want to have this mounted. You can adjust the angle a little bit. As you can see, I already have this hooked up, so you can tell how bright the light is. Even turning out my studio lights, it's still illuminating pretty well the whole studio. It's kind of a focused beam, so it does spread out around the walls, it's a little bit hard for you to tell, but a lot of that light is going to be kept kind of in one area.So it'll be a great work light if you want to have some illumination on the outside of your enclosed trailer, maybe to do some work on a vehicle, or just have some light to illuminate the area around you, so you can hook up or whatever the case might be.

Even if we get a little closer look at it, you can see that beam, and you can, again, adjust this a little bit, top to bottom, to direct that light a little bit more. The wiring kind of limits you as far as tipping it up, but most likely, you're going to be pointing it down or straight out.So let's back up and we can take a closer look at this light. It does require a connection to AC power, so that would be similar to house power in an RV or something like that, so it needs to run off of a generator, or shore power, or something a little bit stronger than just your DC batteries. I have this just connected with some wire nuts to a plug so that I can plug it into my wall socket. The thing that I like about this though, is that it is a very bright light and it's pretty nice and compact, so we can take a look at those measurements as soon as I get this disconnected here.

It doesn't come with these wire nuts, they're just something I had laying around to make this connection. So you'll have three wires to hook up, power and ground, and a neutral for your AC line. There we go.So as far as measurements with this guy, the overall size from outside edge to outside edge is 13 5/8". From top to bottom, it's 10 7/8", and then the depth, including those bolts on the back, that kind of hold that pivot point for the light to adjust, it's 2", so that's the total depth. So you can see, about 13 5/8, 10 7/8, so just shy of 11", the cutout size or the area that we'll have to have to mount this in place is about 12" from this edge to the same spot on the other side, by 8 7/8, so again, just shy of 9", and you'll need about 1 7/8" for this to mount in place.It's going to have six mounting holes.

It does not come with any hardware to mount it up, but the distance between those, center to center is roughly 13". So the middle one is going to be 6 1/2" apart, and then 6 1/2". So I'll tip this up so you can see it a little bit better. So 13" between the widest two, or 6 1/2" between each hole side to side, and then top to bottom, it's about 10", maybe 10 1/8" apart. Each of those holes, it's about 1/8" in diameter.We'll have 19 diodes total for this light, so a really nice bright light, should last for many years.

That's kind of the big advantage with any LED light is that you don't really have to do any maintenance with it. There's no bulbs to replace, so it should pretty much last the life of your trailer. The light output is 4,500 lumens, so pretty nice bright light for being as compact as it is. The power draw at 110 volts AC is 0.5 amps. So for that much light, that's a pretty low draw on any batteries or on your AC system. It is made in the USA and has a one-year limited warranty.And that's really about all there is to it for our look at the exterior LED utility light. I hope this video has been helpful. If you would like the same light but in a DC power version, we also have that available here at So if you don't have access to AC power for your trailer or it's really not compatible with your system, that is a another option to go for, and that'll run off of your typical batteries. But I hope this has been helpful, thanks for watching, and we'll see you on the road.

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