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Luma LEDs Off Road Lights - Light Bar - OBP250-672W-CBB Review

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Review of Luma LEDs Off Road Lights OBP250-672W-CBB

Speaker 1: Today we're going to take a look at the Luma 50 inch long double row LED off road light bar with the mixed beam pattern.Now, this LED light bar will project a nice cool white light. The light output comes from a double row of 96 seven watt Phillips LEDs, gives you a total wattage of 672 watts.Now, the LED lifespan is about 100,000 hours. This is the slide as a mixed beam pattern. So basically what it is, is there's two rows of six, so 12 on this end, 12 on this end which will give off a 60 degree flood beam pattern. And then the 72 in the middle would be an eight degree spot beam pattern.This light bar does use an integrative thermal management to help prevent overheating. It does have over and under voltage protection which keeps the light bar operating at the correct voltage.It does offer an instant on and off, so it means no waiting for your lights to warm up.

The housing is a nice black powder coated, high grade 60 63 extruded aluminum housing which is corrosion resistant.It is a heat sink design, so it does dissipate the heat of the light. Uses a durable polycarbonate lens. It is a surface mount, comes with the universal brackets, I mounted them on each end just to show you.The brackets are stainless steel brackets, and the hardware is, and it also gives you hardware for installation to your vehicle.The connector on the wiring, it's a waterproof ATP connector. Now the housing is a submersible water and dust proof housing rated at IP69K. Basically, this housing will stand up to any mud, dirt, snow or high pressure water spray.

And it'll even remain water tight when permanently submerged in water.It's no fogging, the lenses won't fog or haze because of pressure equalization. The capped ends and then the heavier heat sink design helps eliminate any wind howl. Again, total length on this is 50 inches long. The length of the wire lead is 39 inches.Light output on this is 40,300 lumens. Color temperature is 6,000 Kelvin.

Operating temperature that this light will work in a -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 302 degrees Fahrenheit. And the power draw at 12 volts DC is 46.02 amps.But that should do it for the review on the Luma 50 inch long double row LED off road light bar with the mixed beam pattern.

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