Review of LubriMatic Grease and Lubricants - BioBased White Lithium Grease - L10308

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LubriMatic Grease and Lubricants - BioBased White Lithium Grease - L10308 Review

Hey, everyone. I'm Ellen, here at Today we're taking a quick look at the Ultra Lube Biobased White Lithium Grease. This is going to be a 14 ounce cartridge, so this is going to work for your full-sized grease guns that take that 14 ounce cartridge. So this is going to help you get everything lubed up. Typically our white lithium grease is going to be good for fifth wheel trailer hitches, so it helps you to get those jaws lubricated and all those moving parts moving freely again.This is going to be a bio based grease, so that basically means that it's made of a high oleic base that is made from renewable sources.

It's made from US grown crops. It's also nontoxic, so it's safe to use around your home without worries about it causing any damage to the environment. And it also is typically a higher performing grease than the petroleum based counterpart. So it's going to have a.. It works at a higher temperature.

It allows you to have less friction, which also means less heat and therefore less wear on your equipment. It's going to be a long lasting formula for general use.Pull the cap off here so you can take a look at it. It's going to have that kind of white color to make it easy to stand out. Especially with a lot of those fifth wheels, they're typically black so having that white grease makes it easy to make sure that all the parts are greased up and that you've applied enough on there. Safe also to use on plastics since there's no silicones to get in the way.

This has a NLGI number rating of two, so that basically means that it's the same consistency as peanut butter. You can kind of see that there, how it's come off on the cap. It's pretty fixed so that high viscosity means that it's not going to thin down at high temperatures. It's not going to heat up and then drip off of where you need it to be. It's going to stay in place.The drop point for this is 387 degrees Fahrenheit.

Again, it does have that 14 ounce size here, but you can also find this in smaller sizes. You can find it in a three ounce cartridge for your mini grease guns. You can also find it in a 16 ounce tub if you just want to apply it by hand. Of course I would suggest using gloves anytime you use grease. You can also find this in a spray as well.This is made in the USA and again, bio-based with lithium thickener and zinc, but it does not contain any silicons. That's going to do it for our look at the Ultra Lube Biobased White Lithium Grease.

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