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Lock N Roll Adjustable Trailer Coupler - Off Road Coupler - 336TS502 Review

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Review of Lock N Roll Adjustable Trailer Coupler 336TS502

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Lock and Roll adjustable channel trailer coupler for the trailer side. The Lock and Roll trailer coupler lets you hook up your trailer to your tow vehicle. It provides a connection point for the Lock and Roll vehicle side coupler. Those couplers are sold separately and available at This unit has a four-hole channel that bolts directly inside a three-inch-wide adjustment channel. The channel brackets are sold separately and available at

The mount holes on the unit are separated on center by two inches. Center of one hole to the center of the other.Now, this coupler system is safe, it's easy to use, and it's one of the most versatile options available on the market today. It's ideal for off-road use or for use over rough terrain, works really well for pulling a trailer with your UTV or ATV. I do have a vehicle side coupler available today, so I do want to show you how the connection is made and how the latch plates engage. I also want to point out that the hardware to attach this to a channel bracket, the hardware is included.So right here I have our vehicle side coupler and our trailer side coupler would fit into there, has those nice indentions, those connection points.

And then you bring the latch plates over, and those latch plates really offer that secure design that we're looking for. And then they lock in place by installing a pin through them and securing that pin in place with a clip on the other side.So when coupling, the latch plates lock in place for a secure connection. Also, it offers visible connection points, which really helps eliminate any question as to whether the trailer is hitched correctly or not. Now, once it's coupled, you do have 360 degree rotation and three axes of movement at the connection point. So that's gonna prevent twisting, any type of damage that can be relayed to the vehicle or the trailer frame from a twisting motion or that are caused by sudden changes in vehicle-trailer orientation.So you have movement here, you have movement here, and then also on the vehicle coupler, on this one particularly, we have a swiveling connection point, so this whole head can swivel back and forth as well.

Also, with this type of coupling system, we have very tight, close fittings at all the connections to reduce shock and chucking. So if I try to move this around, we don't have very much movement at the connection point. We're looking at a sturdy steel construction, it's SAE J684 certified, products made in the USA, and it is covered with a limited lifetime warranty.That's gonna do it for today's look at the Lock and Roll adjustable channel trailer coupler for the trailer side.

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