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Review of Lionshead Trailer Tires and Wheels - Tire with Wheel - LH28FR

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Lionshead Trailer Tires and Wheels - Tire with Wheel - LH28FR Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at this Cooper Work Series 215/75R17.5 Radial Tire in a Load Range H mounted on this 17 1/2 inch black split five spoke aluminum wheel with the 8 on 6 1/2 inch bolt pattern. Now, this tire-and-wheel assembly is ideal for RVs, campers, and trailers. This is a nitrogen filled tire, it maintains your tire pressure longer than standard air, helps prolong the life of the tire and the wheel, and the way you can tell it's a nitrogen filled tire is if you look at the valve stem, you'll see a green cap, green valve stem camp on there, that lets you know that it is a nitrogen filled tire. Now, the wheel it's on is a aluminum wheel, it's very durable, lightweight, and rustproof, it is a black machine face split five spoke Phoenix Series design wheel, and on this wheel they do use the steel inserts in the lug nut wells here, and that's designed to help keep your wheel securely in place on your trailer hub, that'll help prevent the holes from wearing down or elongating, and eliminates the need for constant re-tightening of your lug nuts. The tire that's mounted on this wheel is a Cooper Work Series radial tire, it is constructed to protect the tire from chips and cuts.

Does use a radial ply design, which is great for highway use. They do use a nylon tread firming belt overlay around the tire to help prevent tread separation and the tire tread itself is a scrub guard construction, which minimize its tread wear from frequent start, stops, tight turns, and curb impacts, and also on the sidewall, there is a raised area, it's a curved bar that'll help provide extra sidewall thickness to protect the tires casing from any scrubbing. Now, this assembly does come with complimentary roadside assistance for two years, offers flat tire service available 24/7 anywhere in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico, and the assembly does meet the DOT, Department of Transportation Specifications. The tire itself meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, and the wheel meets the SAE J1204 standards. Now, if you noticed, the large hole in the center of the wheel, you can put a center cap in here if you prefer, we do sell those separately, it does not come with the assembly.

The size of the pilot hole diameter right here is 4.9 inches. Now the wheel itself, the diameter on the wheel, is 17.5 inches. The width on just the wheel, 6 3/4 inches wide, and the bolt pattern on this wheel is an 8 on 6 1/2 inch bolt pattern, and if you wanna to measure the bolt pattern on a wheel, that's an even number of lugs, like in this case eight, it's pretty easy, 'cause the lug holes are directly across from each other. So if you've measure from the center, pick any lug hole, you measure from the center of the lug hole directly across to the center of the lug hole right across from it, it'll measure 6 1/2 inches, so 8 lugs, 6 1/2 inch bolt pattern. The weight capacity on just the wheel by itself is 4,850 pounds, and the tire size, which will be stamped on the sidewall, 215/75R17.5.

The R stands for a radial design tire, and also if you'll notice, after the size, it'll have our RHT stamped in there, that stands for Regional Haul Trailer tire. The section width, which will be the width on this tire, is gonna be 8.4 inches. Overall diameter, from the bottom to the very top when it's inflated, it's gonna be 30.5 inches, and this tire is a Load Range H, which means it's a 16-ply rated tire, so it has a maximum load capacity of 4,805 pounds at 125 psi. And the last thing I do want to mention is most all the new tires are coming through with a speed rating stamped on them, and they designate that on the side roll by a letter designation, and where that's at is right under the tire size we just went over. Right under it, closest to the wheel, you'll see two numbers for the load index, and then right after it, the letter L, so speed rating L will mean this has a 75 mile per hour speed rating.

But that should do it for the review on the Cooper Work Series 215/75R17.5 Radial Tire in a Load Range H on the 17 1/2 inch black split five spoke aluminum wheel with the 8 on 6 1/2 inch bolt pattern..

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