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Review of Lionshead Tires and Wheels - Wheel Only - LHSL211

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Lionshead Tires and Wheels - Wheel Only - LHSL211 Review

Today, we're going to take a look at the 14 inch by five and a half inch silver machine, the Lynx aluminum trailer wheel with the five on four and a half inch bolt pattern.Now this is an aluminum wheel. It's very durable, lightweight, and rustproof. And it is the sleek five spoke Lynx series design with the silver machine on the face and the lip with the silver accent.They do use an automotive grade clear coat to help protect against scuffs and scratches. And if you notice in the lug nut wells right here, they do use steel inserts, which help keep the wheel securely in place on your trailer hub. Those steel inserts prevent the holes from elongating and wearing down, eliminates the need for constant re-tightening of your lug nuts. This comes with a complimentary roadside assistance for two years, flat tire services available 24/7, anywhere in the U.S., Canada, or Puerto Rico.If you do notice the valve stem is included, it's installed in there.

Now the center cap is not included. If you do want to use the center cap, we do sell those separately on our website. They're listed on this product page as a related product. You do want to make sure the center cap you purchase has a diameter of 3.19 inches, which is this measurement here of the pilot hole diameter. This wheel does meet the DOT department of transportation specifications.A few measurements on this.

We're going to measure the diameter, which will be measured inside to inside. So if we take our tape measure and if we go inside to inside, there's your 14 inch diameter wheel. The width is the same, inside to inside. So it'd be five and a half inches wide. Bolt pattern on this wheel is a five on four and a half inch bolt pattern.And if you want to measure that on a wheel, that's an odd number of lugs.

In this case, five. What you do is just pick any one of the holes. Let's say this one. And you'll measure across to either one of these holes or right across from it. But when you measure to get the bolt pattern measurements from the center of the starting hole to the furthest edge of the hole that you measure to.So on this one, it'll measure four and a half inches.

So it's a five lug four and a half inch bolt pattern. This wheel does use the wheel lug size of a half inch by 20. And the weight capacity on this wheel is 2040 pounds.But that should do it for the review on the 14 inch by five and a half inch silver machine Lynx aluminum trailer wheel with the five one four and a half inch bolt pattern..

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