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Review of Kodiak Trailer Brakes K2HR79

Speaker 1: Today we're going to take a look at the Kodiak E-Coat Disc Brake Kit with the 13" raw finish hub and router, 8 on 6 1/2" bolt pattern for 7,000 axle. Now these brake assemblies make it easy to upgrade from drum brakes to disc brakes for better performance. The disc brakes will deliver better performance than drum brakes because they'll give you ore consistent stopping even at highway speeds and dramatically shorter stopping distances. Also, the maintenance costs are lower than for drum brakes. Because they have fewer moving parts to maintain, repair and replace.This kit will include everything laid out here on the table. It's two full brake assemblies.

So you get two of the machine finish cast iron hub and router assemblies, with the oil caps. You get two of the E-Coated cast iron calipers with the four stainless steel mounting bolts. And here you get the two E-Coated duct tile iron caliper mounting brackets. Now the E-Coat finish on these products the calipers and the brackets, they do provide superior corrosion resistance for freshwater, saltwater use. The hub and router is an integral hub and router which means it's all one piece.

Helps minimize lateral run out to prevent warping. It does provide a smooth ride with a balanced hub and router and it does use industry standard bearings and seals that we do sell separately.The races, the bearing races are actually pre installed already in the hub. Now this router, it is a vented design, so it does prevent heat related damage, so it effectively dissipates the heat. And the wheel studs are all included. Now the lug nuts that go on these are sold separately.

The calipers they are a cast iron caliper, they are self adjusting for smooth equal braking, the cast iron construction does not flex like aluminum. It is a low drag design, so it does retract the piston further than other calipers for a cooler running brake. And, I just want to flip it over, and we're going to take the brake pad out here so I can talk about the piston.It is a stainless steel piston. It is 2 and 1/2" in diameter, that's about 30% larger than other brands so it gives your more breaking torque than the competition. It does come with the high performance ceramic brake pads.

Now the mounting brackets for the calipers, they are a duct tile iron, they provide strength and durability. They are a side support angle design so it does insure that the load is placed on the whole bracket not just the bolts. It does give you extra embossing for additional thread contact to insure a tight secure mounting for your caliper guide bolts. And if you noticed, this is a five bolt brake flange mounting configuration.Now a hydraulic brake actuator and brake lines are required for these brakes to be activated. Those items we do sell separately on our website. You do want to make sure that the actuator and lines that you get they do have at least a 1500 psi rating. These parts are made in the USA. Again they are designed to fit 7,000 pound axles with the number 42 spindle. The wheel size that will fit on these hub and routers is 16" diameter or larger. The bolt pattern is 8 on 6 1/2". The router diameter, which is measured from this edge to this edge is 13" and the wheel stub diameter is 9/16. That should do it for the review on the Kodiak E-Coat Disc Brake Kit with the 13" raw finish hub and router. The 8 on 6 1/2" bolt pattern for a 7,000 axle.

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