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Kodiak Grease and Lubricants - Synthetic Bearing Oil - XLPROLUBE Review

Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at Today we're taking a look at the Kodiak synthetic bearing oil for oil bath hubs. Now this is designed to be a refill for your Kodiak pro lube oil bath system to convert your greased trailer bearings to an oil bath system.This is going to be the refill bottle to keep that system rolling. It is eight ounces, so you'll get about four refills, since you average about two ounces per fill to work with that system. So probably we'll give you about two years of use out of this little guy.It is again supposed to be used with your Kodiak pro lube system, so you will want to have that already on your system.

It is a 90 weight synthetic oil, so it should do a good job of improving your resistance to heat, to hot and cold, and also keep everything free of any corrosion.In general the reason why you'd want to go from a greased system to an oil bath system is just so you can actually see the grease in there, see the oil, and make sure that you can visually check to see how that oil is doing versus the grease bearings where it's a guessing game. You have to pull things apart to see if the grease is getting dirty and needs to be changed out. That's one of the reasons why you would want to convert to that new system.As oil bath systems typically are going to be completely sealed, they are going to also be water tight, so that definitely reduces any risk of corrosion. That's one big advantage for them as well.Well, that's going to do it for our look at the Kodiak synthetic bearing oil for oil bath hubs.

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