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Review of Knockout Hitch Covers KD84707

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Gonzaga trailer hitch cover for 2" hitches. Hitch covers are a fun way to show off, and they add a nice look to your vehicle. They also help keep dirt and grime out of the receiver tube of your hitch, which reduces rust and corrosion. This hitch cover displays the officially licensed logo of Gonzaga University. It's made from a high-quality, automotive-grade ABS plastic construction that's been made from recycled materials. Over the front it's going to feature a really nice, weather-resistant polyurethane gel coating that won't fade, yellow, crack, or peel. It does come with a plastic hitch clip. This secures the hitch cover inside the receiver tube of your hitch.

That can be replaced with a hitch pin and clip or a hitch lock. Those items are sold separately and available at The pin holes on this hitch cover will accept a standard 5/8"-diameter pin. It's made in the USA. It is designed for a 2" by 2" trailer hitch receiver.

The face measures about 5" by 3 1/2", and it's a nice oval design. It's a very simple installation. All we have to do is slide it into the receiver tube of our hitch, and as the pin holes line up, that plastic clip will snap into place, securing it inside the receiver tube. Then, when you're ready to remove it, push in on the clip and then pull the hitch cover out. That's going to do it for today's look at the Gonzaga trailer hitch cover for 2" hitches.

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