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Review of Knockout Hitch Covers KD820H

Today we're going to take a look at the Vietnam Veteran trailer hitch cover for two-inch hitches. Now this will protect your hitch with this high quality ABS plastic hitch cover that displays "Vietnam Vietnam" and in the middle, "The Forgotten Warrior." Now if you are a Vietnam Veteran, thank you for your service and also take credit for doing a difficult job by displaying this cover. You can also display this cover in honor of a family member or friend who might have served in Vietnam. If you notice on the cover, it'll say "Vietnam Veteran" in the red letters, with a red map actually of Vietnam and the message down the middle that says "The Forgotten Warrior" in white letters on a black band over a white background. This is a high quality automotive grade ABS plastic base made from recycled material. On the front here, this logo here is a weather-resistant polyurethane gel coating on the face that won't fade, yellow, crack or peel. It does come with this nice plastic hitch clip that's included. Basically what you do with that is actually you press on it. It's like a spring-loaded, so you just set that in there, and make it until it comes out the hitch pin hole so you can press it just like that.

What that helps you do is here's an example of a two-inch hitch receiver opening. All you have to do is put in there, push the clip together, slide until it'll pop into the hitch pin holes and hold it into place for you. Now we also sell a hitch lock we sell separately if you want to prevent theft of the cover that you can put through here to hold it in for sure. This part is made in the USA. Specs on this, again it's designed to fit 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers. The dimension on the face itself, the width edge to edge is 5".

The height from the bottom to the very top is 3 1/2" tall. That should do it for the review on the Vietnam Veteran trailer hitch cover for two-inch hitches.

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