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Kenda Tires and Wheels - Tire with Wheel - AM32404 Review

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Review of Kenda Tires and Wheels AM32404

Today we are going to review part number AM32404. This is the Kenda Karrier Tire size ST25/75R15 Radial Trailer Tire. Its mounted on a 15-inch Dextar 5-spoke aluminum wheel. This wheel is an aluminum alloy wheel with the 5-spoke star design.The face of the spoke, the edge of the wheel is all machine-polished. The inset of the opening are silver painted. The whole wheel is polyurethane coating on the front and on the back of the wheel.

This coating will help protect it from rust and corrosion. Here are a few measurements on this wheel. The diameter on this wheel is 15 inches, so if we measure from inside to inside is 15 inches. The width of the wheel is 6 inches wide. This wheel does have a bolt pattern a 5-bolt 4 -inch patter.

And on the wheel that has an odd number of lug holes, like, in this case 5, there is a couple of ways you can go about measuring the bolt pattern. I will show them both to you. On this allow wheel, because the bolt holes are recessed quite a bit, I am gonna turn it over so we can measure from the center of the bolt holes from the back of the wheel. Itll be easier to see.First were going to do is as if well draw a circle to the center of all five of the lug holes then measure the diameter of that circle. So in this case, wed measure the center of this lug hole to the outer edge of the circle will be 4 inches.

So that means this is a 5 on 4 -inch bolt pattern. The other way is to choose a lug hole any of them and then measure it from that lug hole to the lug hole right next to it center to center. So if we do that, itd be 2 5/8 inches. And then what you can do is go to the product page for this part number and at the bottom of the page therell be a chart and that chart will show when that measurement from one lug hole to the center of the lug hole right next to it is 2 5/8, then the bolt pattern be a 5 on a 4 -inch bolt pattern. This wheel does have a weight capacity of 2,150 lbs at 50 psi.

It does use a wheel bolt size of a -inch by 20. And another critical measurement is the large hole in the center called the of the wheel its called the pilot hole. This is where it will go with the hub on your trailer. The diameter on that will be 3.19 inches. Now well move on to the tire. The tire is a Kenda Loadstar Karrier Tire size ST for special trailer 205/75R15. The R will designate that it is a Radial-constructed tire. This tire is a Load Range C which means it has a 6 ply rating. It has a maximum load carrying capacity of 1,820 lbs at 50 psi. We will do over all diameter of this tire for you. Its gonna be 27 inches.Now we did mention that this is a radial-constructed tire and by they mean the belts or the cords on the inside of the tire will run from bead seat to bead which is the radius of the tire as opposed to a belt or bias tire which the belts or the cords will run the length of the tire. The nice feature on a radial tire, because of the way its constructed, the tire had more flex which will give you better ground contact with the thread. This will give improved traction, better stability. Another nice feature is radial tire will normally run cooler as long as its not overloaded which running cooler will help it last longer. This tire/wheel combo does come with a limited 2-year warranty. And that should do it for part number AM32404.

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