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Review of Kelty Camping Chairs - Short Light and Dark Brown Loveseat Camp Chair - KE74AR

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Kelty Camping Chairs - Short Light and Dark Brown Loveseat Camp Chair - KE74AR Review

Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a quick look at these Kelty Loveseat camp chairs. You can see these are two different styles. So, we we're gonna go over some of the similarities, some of the differences to make sure you're getting the right one for you. Now, these represent two of the possible colors that we have.

This is the light brown and dark brown combo. This is the teal and brown combo. So be sure that you're getting the color that matches your color sense, But, both of these camp chairs are going to be the loveseat style. So they're going to allow two adults to sit side by side. So it's going to be great for those romantic evenings by the fireside, or if you're going to a sports match or something like that.

And you want to sit close to each other rather than in separate chairs. These are gonna be great for that. Both, chairs have these steel frames, so they are gonna have a max weight capacity of 400 pounds. I'm a pretty big guy, about six foot three and close to 280 most days, before the holidays. So, I'm probably not gonna be able to have another full size adult sitting here with me.

But it might be great for cooking s'mores with my kids by the campfire or something like that. So we can be close together. I can help them with their stick, instead of being in separate chairs. So, keep that in mind, that 400 pound weight capacity for both. These do have a lot of similarities, but obviously the biggest difference between them is going to be the height.

So this chair here is probably what you're more used to with a camping chair, as far as the height goes. So it's not like super easy to get up out of, but it is fairly, tall. So you can get up, as you need to. This one. So this is our 19 inch tall seat. This is a 13 and a half inch tall seat. So, that five and a half inch difference doesn't sound like a lot. But when you actually go to sit in it, you fell like you're going down forever. So this is definitely a much lower, chair height. The reason they have this option available, is so that you can be closer to your campfire, get that warmth. Or if you're gonna be at an outdoor event where you want to be seated, sort of lower so that others can see over you easier. This also has a more reclined back to it. So in my mind, this is a much more comfortable chair than that one. I like being reclined, definitely. When I get in a car, I lean the seat back a little bit. So this is more comfortable for me sitting in. I don't feel like the pressure points are cutting into my legs like with most camp chairs. So this is definitely gonna be my preference as far as comfort, but it is extremely low. So if you have problems getting up out of chairs, this is gonna be a struggle for you. Like I said, I'm a big guy. So I've kind of got across my legs there to get up out of it. Whereas this one, it's easier to get into but it does have that straight up back. So, does make you feel like you're sitting up a little bit straighter. These pressure points do feel like they're, more firm on my legs and so, my mind not as comfortable, but definitely if height, getting up out of the chair is a very important issue for you. This would definitely be the way to go. So both seats are going to fold up very easily. So, I pulled this one forward. You can see, just grab the opposite ends, fold it up, like you're used to with, just about any camp chair. One of the main differences with the Kelty style, is that they have this pocket down here at the bottom, that is going to be where we put our feets. So, after it's folded up, we'll slide our feet in there. So this is gonna be a lot more convenient than your typical chair cover which you, kind of like a long version of that. So you have to kind of shimmy your chair into. I think we've all dealt with that and the difficulties that it presents. And then this has these buckles, that are adjustable. So we can slide these along the strip here, and then buckle it in place. Like so we'll just go down the chair, buckle those in. So it is gonna be a little bit easier than, trying to shimmy the chair into that, typical camp chair sleeve. And then we've got handles on both ends. So you can see, it's gonna be very easy to carry like this or we also have the shoulder strap. So if we're gonna be traveling a little bit from the parking lot to our destination, you can easily swing this over our shoulder. And it's got a padded, portion there. So it's gonna feel more comfortable on your shoulder. When you get to where you're going, very easily just unbuckle those, snaps there or unsnap the buckles. And then we can pull that out and set it up. Now these sleeves are padded, so they do say that you could use this as, like a, floor mat or a pet mat. If you want to provide a more comfortable spot for your pets to lay in, it does have a little bit of padding there and it does lay flat like that. So you could use it for that. Both of these chairs are also going to have adjustable arms. So if I pull this one over this time. You can see on the backside here, we've got this buckle that we can pull up. That's going to allow the arm to lower. Or if we pull that strip through, it's going to raise that arm and then kind of lock it in place. So we're gonna have a nice adjustability there, set that arm where it's gonna be most comfortable for us and have a nice support. Both arms are also going to have these cup holders. So these are somewhat insulated around the edges here, so it's gonna help keep your warm drinks warm and your cool drinks cool. They have this adjustable sleeve. So if you've got a larger item, you can put that in there, in the center, or if you've got a couple of bottles or something like that, you can divide it up so that you can fit more in there. The bottom does have that mesh opening. So condensation isn't gonna build up on the bottom of your pocket. And I am gonna bring these out in the profile. So you can kind of see that reclined back that I was talking about versus the more straight up and down back that we have on this one. So again, make sure that you're getting the right one for you. This is definitely gonna be easier to get up out of, but you are going to be sitting more straight up. This one is a little bit more comfortable. So you sit in, in my mind, but it is gonna be very very low. So it can be difficult to get up out of. And like I said, we do have other color options available. So if neither of these really fit your color sense, be sure to check out some of those other options. I hope this video has been helpful for you in determining which of these two loveseat camp chairs is gonna be better for you. Whether the 13 and a half inch tall chair or the 19 inch tall chair, both are great options in my opinion, for those of you who want to sit close to a loved one or, just another person that you enjoy spending time with. So that's gonna complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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